Latest 40+ Short Hairstyles for Teenage Girls | Short Haircuts for Girls

Latest 40+ Short Hairstyles for Teenage Girls | Short Haircuts for Girls

Many teenage girls are striving to get trendy and sweet looks in order to enjoy their adolescent period. When you would like to enjoy you’re teenage, then you need to take care of your style and appearance. While talking about the style of teenage girls, hairstyles and haircuts play a vital role at all times.

This year (2023), there are various types of haircuts for teenage girls available to give you the cool, modern, and good girl look for your various occasions and parties.

The following are the top 30 haircuts suggested by the stylists for girls who are all looking for a specialized hairstyle while going to attend any party of your family occasion.

All of these hairstyles are looking great and trendy to give the stylish look to everyone. They include:

  • Sleek Medium Hairstyle

This elegant and chic look is an absolute charm in itself. It might look complex to maintain, but the glam and confident style they convey is totally worth it! Fringes in the front make your locks seem very delicate, voluminous, and shinier – and that’s exactly what you need for gorgeous shoulder-length hair.

  • Short to Long Bob

This sleek short-long bob compliments side parting and sharp edges, giving out an elegant, lady-like look. If you want your A-line lob to look so formal as this one, remember that it calls for a single hair shade. They also draw attention to your hair.

  • Pink and Orange Bob

These short hair cuts for girls are super cute, with pastel pink and peachy colors splitting down the side parting and highlighting the color through the layered fringes in the front. This is an absolute stylish, straight and sleek look

  • Double-Braid with Crimp

You can add a ton of volume and dimension to your braided hairstyle if you crimp your hair before styling it. This idea shows that creativity has no limits: these crimps, colors, and twists form a spectacular and gorgeous ensemble.

  • Curly Undercut Short Haircut

This is a perfect short haircuts for teenage girl who like to switch up their looks. The top-most layer is lengthy enough to completely hidel the tiny lengths and a narrow side beneath. That trimmed side can be concealed or revealed to coordinate hair with different moods.

  • Brushed Back Short Haircut

Styling the trimmed side to one end and Brush the longer strands back smoothly to focus on different finishes and waves of the hair. You can also rock the look with braidings and customize it accordingly.

  • Buzz Cut

Do you believe that Buzz cuts are a hairstyle that favors just men, but that’s not true; there are numerous buzz-cut hair looks for women as well. It’s a great chance to provide your face with a stylish overlook.

  • Flyaway Short Haircut

Short hairstyles with curtain bangs are easiest to adapt, along with the choice of a different suitable length of bangs, as there is an attire to suit women of every face shape and vibe.

  • Fauxhawk Short Haircut

The craze for this look is a bit more bold and fearless. With the sides of this length, faux lends itself to the 80’s aesthetic chic that is still fresh for short hair girls of 2023. Most of the part is up top and down the center of the back, creating a clean-cut line that gives a fabulous height. This is truly an impressive style!

  • Side Part Shaved Haircut

You should always be sophisticated when you opt for short hair with shaved sides. You can also look for an undercut to get a sleeker, more convenient look. Bring most of your hair volume to one side by doing a deep side shave. Look at some side shave designs to add a pattern to the cut.

  • Round Edges

Reversed round-edged haircuts are in trend right now, and here’s why they can make you look girlish and graceful and help balance out your face structure.

  • Sassy Spirals

This contemporary perm is easy to carry and can be styled with a side look. This parting helps smooth out features and complement your attire, plus it gives the impression of a thinner face. Go for a spiral perm to get these classic curly waves.

  • Crazy Volume

Mostly pixie cuts are similar, but this one stands alone! This voluminous look asserts the extremities of the style in a balanced manner. With hair like this, you won’t have to stress about your outfit to match with.

  • Messy Short Bob with Blunt Bangs

A straight blunt bob cut with bangs gives out a neat and tidy hairstyle. It works on both fine and rich tresses but is sure to interest teenage girls with such bold styles.

  • Short sides long top pompadour
a girl in black top showing her short hairstyle with undercut - haircut for teenager girls

This hairstyle has the shorter hairs in the side part and longer at the top. This kind of haircut for the teenage girls will give her a chance to express herself and also stand unique in the crowd.

  • Short bobs to long bob
A girl in grey and white lining top with maroon lipstick showing her Short bob to long bob - latest haircuts for teenager girls

It is actually the deeply angled bob which is the haircut above the ordinary black hair to the high contrast between the lengths in the layers. In this haircut, the back area is in fact tapered into the nape. It is one of the most suitable teenage hairstyles for school going girls.

  • Sleek medium haircut
A girl in orange tube dress showing her Sleek Medium Haircut - teenage hairstyles for school

When you have the healthy hair, it is definitely the newest trend of haircut for the young girls. It will give the shinny hair with the enhanced natural looking highlights through the top layer.

  • Short & wavy shag
A girl in maroon high neck sweatshirt showing the side view of her Short & wavy shag - Haircut Teenage Girls

Whenever the teenage girls are looking forward to get the stylish hairstyle, you can go for this short and wavy shag which is heavily layered. It is one of the short hairstyles for teenage girl with thick hair.

  • Asymmetrical bob with highlights
a girl in multi color dress showing the front and side view of her Asymmetrical bob with highlights -haircuts and hairstyle for Teenage Girls

This is absolutely perfect haircut for the fine and straight hair. This kind of bob is always easy to style and also looking very cute at all. In the front portion, this cut is slightly angled longer and bevelled to turn under at both the ends.

  • Trendy Grey Short Pixie
A girl in white t-shirt showing the side view of her trendy grey short pixie - Teenage Girls hairstyle

Whenever you are young with the teenage, you can try grey coloring to the hair in order to get the incredibly popular and trendy look. The stylists are using the razors for chopping your hair ends.

  • A-line brown bob
A girl in grey and black lining dress showing the side view of her A-line brown bob - Haircut Teenage Girls

It is an ideal short haircut for the teenage girls. It requires only short hair.

  • Bob with shaved side
A girl in grey top with lots of tattoos showing her Bob with shaved side - haircut Teenage Girls

For the first sight, this bob cutting is looking normal hairstyle but it is chic shaven hairstyle giving the trendy look to all the girls. The stylists are working to give the cool contrasting punk rock element for providing the greater softness to the blonde hair.

It is one of the trendiest short haircuts for girl who would like to get the most stylish look.

  • Tight Brunette Pixie
A girl in black and white lining top with red lipstick showing the side view of her Tight Brunette Pixie - Girls haircut

It is one of the cutest and shortest haircuts for all the teenage girls. If you would like to get absolutely pixie look, it is definitely a suitable hairstyle which will provide the youthful, innocent and sweet look at all.

  • Wavy bob with highlights
A girl in black pullover and pink lipstick showing her Wavy bob with highlights - haircut Teenage Girls

The bob with the loose waves would be very trendy to have the most impressive haircuts for all the girls. In order to achieve this wavy look with the highlights, the stylists wrap one inch sections of your hair around the medium size curling iron.

  • A-line Lob with Braid
A girl in grey onw shoulder dress showing the side view of her A-line Lob with Braid - Haircut Teenage Girls

This is absolute picture perfect haircut for the girls who are all going to attend any special occasions like formal dace, wedding, after school party, band/choir concert or anything. Every girl can able to get the dynamic appearance with the highlights when you are getting this short haircut.

  • Pixie bob with the long bangs
A girl in black top showing the side view of her Pixie bob with the long bangs - haircut Teenage Girls

If you are willing to get the special hairstyle for any festival, it is definitely the most suitable hairstyle for all the teenage girls. It will mainly focus on the dramatic bang and also cool angled choppy crop for giving amazing appearance.

  • Jagged Crop

For the high school and middle school girls, this jagged crop haircut is really a perfect choice to look stylish and also trendy at all. It is basically a flirting with the cool hairstyle by cutting your hair extra short in length.

  • Curly pixie with bangs
A smiling girl in multicolor deep neck top showing her curly pixie with bangs - haircut Teenage Girls

Not all the pixie looks are great for the younger girls but it is really suitable for all girls because it provides curly or wavy texture which is absolutely gorgeous to everyone.

  • Prom Ready Updo
A girl in blue dress and black nail paint showing the side view of her Prom Ready Updo - haircut Teenage Girls

This haircut looks amazing and also stylish for every girl who requires getting the ultra elegant hairstyle for any party or occasion. It includes braided hairs one side and other side tousled and pinned neatly at the nape of the neck.

  • Pink & Orange bob

When the girls would want to stand out in the crowd, it is definitely one of the most suitable tween girl haircuts 2023 to enhance to style. It includes both orange and pink colors with the longer layers near the front of your face to make the most punk look in the slimmer lines.

  • Braided updo for shorter hair
A girl in white shirt combing her Braided updo for shorter hair - haircut Teenage Girls

If you are willing to participate in any dance competition or any concert in your school or any of other location, it is definitely great to have this hairstyle to get super fun and stylish look. It is slightly curling your hair beforehand in order to make the extra volume.

  • Layered bob with highlights
A girl in white round neck top showing the side view of her Layered bob with highlights - Teenage Girls hairstyles

It is suitable for all shapes of faces because of its layers of bob with the highlights. All teenage girls can try this hairstyle with the large barrel curling iron and also curl outward.

  • Double braid with crimp

It is one of the short haircuts for teenage girl 2023 when she is in high school. This haircut provides the rocking look to the girls with the gorgeous double braid.

  • Shorter braided teenage style
A girl in strappy dress showing the side view of her Shorter braided teenage style - haircut for Girls

When the girls naturally have medium hair length, you can go for this braided hairstyle which is asymmetrical protective for everyone. It will give you relief from the daily styling issues.

  • Curly Purple Undercut
A girl in blue hoodie with stud earrings showing her Curly Purple Undercut - Haircut Teenage Girls

It has the curly top with the shaven messy and sides. It is the funny hairstyle for the teenage girls who would like to show off her individuality and boldness to others.

  • Dramatic stacked bob

This stacked bob contains the lots of wispy layers of hair in order to give the most dramatic look and natural finish to the teenage girls with the extra hair at the back.

  • Pixie cut for thick hair
A girl in grey tank top showing the side view of her pixie cut - haircut for Girls 2022

It has the choppy and longer layers with the close cropped sides. The layers are basically towards the top & front of the head to give the contemporary look to the girls.

  • Mermaid Streak on wavy lob
A girl in blue dress showing the side view of her Mermaid Streak on wavy lob - short haircut Teenage Girls

It is currently the most popular short haircut for the girls in the most beautiful sky blue color in the front portion. This hairstyle can as well as brightens blonde hues.

  • Ombre Braid & Bun
A girl in white shirt showing the back view of her Ombre Braid & Bun - short haircut Teenage Girls

This is one of the most suitable short haircuts for teenage girl 2023 because it contains half updo for the dressy or casual occasions. Both the sides are braided and top of the hair is section off to give amazing look.

  • Natural braids & curls

Whenever you are searching for the best type of haircut while going to your school, it is definitely a right choice of short haircut with the naturally curly hair with convenient and lovely look.

  • Brushed back silver Hair

For the bold girl, it is a right choice of the haircut to get trendy and bold look. Toning your hair color in the silver is definitely great to add some additional value to your hairstyle.

  • Frozen inspired braid
A girl in pink top showing the side and back view of her Frozen inspired braid haircut - haircut for Teenage Girls

It is a very new and trendy haircut for the teenage girls who would like to attend any night time party or any family occasion. It creates the Dutch braid in one side by weaving the 3 strands under one another.

  • Classy Chignon
A girl in blue t-shirt with white strips showing the back view of her Classy Chignon - haircut Teenage Girls

This is one of the classic teenage girl haircuts 2023 with the modern twist. Thus, it is the most suitable choice of hairstyle for all the younger girls. It will give a special “S” pattern to your hairstyle to create funny and impressive appearance.

  • Braid for Tweens
A girl in white off shoulder dress showing the back view of her Braid for Tweens - Haircut Teenage Girls

It is actually the one sided braid haircut which is a perfect choice when the girls are crunched for the time. This is considered to be one of the latest hairstyles for all high school girls. It has the braid and sectioned off hair by including the small strands of hair from the back portion to create the braid cascade via the loose hair. All the girls can secure their hair with the clear and small ponytail holder or pin while them changing their style to this hairstyle.

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