5 Ways To Sleep With An Insulin Pump

5 Ways To Sleep With An Insulin Pump

Insulin pumps are a lifesaver for people with diabetes, but they’re not always comfortable to wear while you sleep. Still, getting enough rest to be your best self and manage your health is important.

If your pump is giving you the jitters or waking you up at night, here are some tips on how to sleep comfortably with an insulin pump.

A tight belt

  • A tight belt:

    The can be held with a strap that goes around your waist and under your shirt or with a special belt designed to hold the pump against your stomach.

    The key is to ensure that the strap is tight enough to hold the pump in place and keep it from moving around but not so tight that you feel discomfort or pain when sitting or lying down.

    Tandem Diabetes experts say, “Finding the right infusion set is an important part of successful insulin pump therapy.”
  • A snugly fitting shirt:

    If you’re using a regular belt, make sure it fits tightly enough around your torso so that there’s no way for it to slip off or come loose while sleeping—you’ll want to be sure this won’t happen if you move around in bed at night!

A small blanket wrapped around the pump

  • Make sure the pump is secure. If you’re using a wrap, make sure it’s not too tight—you don’t want your blood glucose levels to drop overnight! And if you have a bandage on your arm, be sure to check in the morning that there are no signs of irritation or redness where it meets your skin.
  • Try to keep things loose and comfortable for yourself. A tight fit can restrict blood flow in your fingers or arm and cause discomfort throughout the night (and possibly during the day).

A tight sports bra

A tight sports bra is perfect for sleeping with an insulin pump. If you are not already wearing one, it’s time to try it.

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • You’ll be more comfortable. A tight sports bra can keep your pump from moving around too much and rubbing against your skin, improving sleep quality. The less movement there is around your pump, and the less movement there is from you, the better off everyone will be!
  • It’s discreet. There’s no need to worry about an awkward bulge or strap when using a tight sports bra to wear your insulin pump while sleeping; they’re designed specifically for this purpose and do their job well!

    Some people feel that they’re more discreet than other options on the market today because they don’t create any protrusion whatsoever on top of where one wears their device (which might otherwise be noticeable).

A shirt with a built-in pump pocket.

If you’re looking for an easy, casual way to wear your insulin pump and need something that’s going to be comfortable and functional, then this is the option for you. The pocket is small enough that it won’t get in your way and can be easily concealed by an unbuttoned shirt or jacket.

It’s usually located on the left side of the shirt (or right if you’re left-handed), above where your heart would be.

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