How to Speed Up Hair Growth [Men & Women]

How to Speed Up Hair Growth [Men & Women]

Do you envy your friends who have long hair like Rupanzel? Such long and lustrous hair is the core dream of every woman. Though it is not hard to obtain yet to have healthy and lustrous hair, we need to take a lot care. While, most men desire to have strong and healthy hair like that of their favourite star. If you are suffering from hair fall, growth, dandruff problems or want to have good healthy hair, o you want to get out of a disastrous haircut, we have the best solution with which you can speed up your hair growth.

  1. Ensure What You Eat

Our eating habit plays a great role in the growth of healthy and lustrous hair. Hence, you should keep a check on what you eat and should make your that you include foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Eating proper food nourishes our hair from inside. You should maintain a well-balanced diet contain fruits, vegetables, meat etc. Ensure that the food you eat are rich in nutrients such as Vitamin B12, zinc, iron and calcium. These vitamins and minerals prevent hair loss and regenerate new hair cells. Our hair is composed of a protein called ‘keratin’, so it is important to have a lot of protein in our daily diet. You should include protein rich foods such as soybean, cheese, milk, fish, chicken etc. It is always better to avoid junk and processed food as it prevents healthy hair growth. So, check what you eat if you want to increase hair growth.

  1. Dietary Supplements

In order to control the fast growth of the hair naturally, include dietary supplements like bio vitamins, multivitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. Green leafy vegetables, cereals, peas, fish, beans, almonds, yoghurt etc are rich in these vitamins. However, it is better to consult physician before taking any tablets or capsules as supplements in order to avert allergy or any side effects.

  1. Drink More Water

Water is one of the best elements that can help in speedy hair growth. Our hair is made up of 95 % protein and 5 % water. Thus, you should make it a point to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily. This will help your hair to grow faster and keep it nourished and healthy.

  1. Regular exercise

Exercising regularly will not only keep your body healthy but also stimulate hair growth. You should exercise for at least 20 minutes daily. You can include yoga, walking, jogging, dancing, cycling etc in your daily exercise. These will improve blood circulation and thus help the nutrients to spread evenly into our scalp.

  1. Proper Sleep

Never skip a good night’s sleep. You should include at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep in your every day routine. Sleeping well is very important for a good health and good hair growth. Lack of sleep has many drawbacks such as hair fall, dark circles, pigmentation, dull skin and a stressful mind. For a healthy body and mind an undisturbed and a peaceful sleep is important. It is better to sleep on a silk pillowcase as it soft on your hair and thus causes less friction.

  1. Regular Trimming

Trimming on regular interval is must as split ends are one of the primary causes, which restrain hair growth. If you have dry and damaged hair, then it is obvious to have split ends. You should get rid of the split ends by trimming them every 3 months, this will further promote hair growth. Remember not to prick your split ends, as it would further worsen your problem.

  1. Cleansing

You should keep your hair clean and for this, you should wash it regularly; this will also encourage healthy hair growth. The oil glands produce sebum in the scalp and it forms a layer over it inhibiting hair growth. This is the reason why you should keep your scalp and hair clean. Rather than using chemical products, it is always better to use natural shampoos and conditioners. It is also important to keep in mind that regular shampooing will damage your hair making it dry, stripped and prone to breakage. You should wash your hair twice a week to keep it clean and healthy.

  1. Hot oil Massages

Oil is a vital ingredient for healthy and faster hair growth and nothing can be more calming than a hot oil massage. You can opt for your favorite aromatic oil to massage your hair. Oil massage boosts blood circulation to the hair roots and thus promotes speedy hair growth. You can choose from a wide range of oils including coconut, almond, olive, and jojoba or rosemary oil for regular massages. After massaging cover your head with a towel dipped in hot water. This will make the oil to spread evenly on the scalp opening the pores.

  1. Protect Your Hair

Protect your hair from sun and dust as they can adversely affect your hair locks. If exposed much to sun and dust than it is obvious for your hair to get dry and damaged. It will make your hair to stripped off the natural oils from the scalp and thus curtail healthy and faster hair growth. Cover your hair with a hat or a scarf while stepping out of your house. You should also avoid tight hairstyle like ponytail or braid, cornrows etc as these hairstyles stretches your hair from the root making then loose and shed. It is also recommended not to comb you wet hair as they are easily breakable.

  1. Natural Hair Pack

To promote speedy hair growth you can also opt for various homemade remedies for healthy hair growth naturally. Using natural and homemade remedies are the best and safest option for strong and shinny hair locks. You can prepare homemade hair packs for your hair using amla, fenugreek seeds, onion juice, avocado etc for successful results. All these ingredients are full of nutrition and minerals that aid speedy and healthy hair growth. However, these remedies will be effective over time and thus you have to be patient with these.

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