Switching to a Vegan Diet? Things You Must Know

Switching to a Vegan Diet? Things You Must Know

Healthy Meals for a Vegan Diet

A large population consumes animal flesh and its products such as milk but the scenario is changing these days because many people are changing their dietary preferences means from non – vegetarian to vegetarian diet. But vegetarian diet has also divided into a lenient form which includes milk and eggs while the strict form known is vegan diet is deprived of any animal based product which you consider as vegetarian like milk, cheese etc. if you are also thinking of becoming vegan then you should know the things which you will experience during the transition.

Social response

It is possible that you will get negative comments and friends can call you by names and make joke on you for becoming vegan. In such case, you have to just laugh it off and ignore it because being pushy, preachy, condescending or reacting with anger will only add more fuel to the discussion. There are chances that people come to you to know your experience and information on this dietary approach. Therefore, you should gather knowledge about being vegan by reading the related stuff and share your knowledge when somebody asks you.

Break up with cheese

If you like your pizza with extra cheese then you will not gonna like the cheese less pizza initially but things will become normal after sometime. You can replace cheese with nuts or cracker; these snacks will satisfy your cravings and also gives you feeling of fullness due to its fiber content.

Vitamin B12 requirement

This vitamin is naturally found in animal based foods therefore you have to take vitamin B12 supplement and vitamin B12 fortified foods to maintain the health of nerve and blood cells.

Vitamin B-12 Food Sources
Vitamin B-12 Food Sources

New Protein sources

Milk is the rich source of proteins but you will give it up as well after becoming vegan therefore you have to look for new protein resources which can be natural soy, lentils, beans and quinoa.

Calcium source

Vegan diet offers first hand calcium which can be easily absorbed by the body. The plant sources for calcium is quinoa, molasses, green leafy vegetables such as kale, collards, broccoli, soy products, grapefruits, chickpeas, fortified grains and cereals, red beans, seeds, raw nuts, etc

Calcium rich foods
Calcium rich foods

Be creative

If you don’t like the taste of vegetable then you can try the Indian or middle eastern vegetable dishes which are very delicious. If you still looking for options then you can create your own combinations like blending vegetables along with fruits to make a smoothie to change the taste.

Convince your family

Family support is very important during the transition period and if your family members have also taken up the vegan diet then it is good news for you. You should not impose your preferences on your loved ones as it can cause stain in relations. If your family likes to discover new eating joints then you can suggest some vegan restaurants. Many restaurants are customer friendly and are willing to make substitution if you ask for one like “no oyster sauce” so don’t afraid to ask for substitutes whenever possible.

Holiday meals

Many markets offer special holiday meals for vegans such as vege turkey and vege ham products. You can cook tofu turkey with stuffing for thanksgiving and receive praises for it. There are various recipes for vegan diet which is more delicious and healthy than the non – vegetarian food which you can try. The best thing about the plant based products that these are light on your digestive system and easy to absorb.

Stuffed Tofu Turkey
Stuffed Tofu Turkey

Plan your meals

Becoming a vegan is not very easy in the beginning if you have relied on the animal products for many years but you can make this transition process very easy by proper planning of the vegan diet for the week and following it strictly.