The Deceptive Knocks | Real Love Story

The Deceptive Knocks | Real Love Story

Ruchika was all set for Karwa Chauth. This is the most precious day of her life and she eagerly waits for it every year. No matter what her life brings ahead, she can never afford to skip the rituals of this day. Her western personality has never overpowered her Indian culture. She tied her golden hair in the shape of a bun and started wearing all the jewelry one by one. The round sparkling bangles, the shimmering red saree with golden blouse, the hanging earrings, all made her feel jovial, but the moment she started wearing her necklace, she was lost in the flashback.

(Two years ago)

She was waiting eagerly for him like always but on Karwa Chauth she just expects him to be there no matter how busy he is. The moment she heard the knock at the door she rushed towards it and opened it swiftly. Unfortunately, she realized that it wasn’t her husband. The man who came today was a guy who had cheated on her on Karwa Chauth. She saw Vaibhav standing beside a fair and beautiful girl and holding her hand.

Before she could question him anything he said, “Look, I know I have hurt you a lot and trust me you are just the perfect wife one could ever get. But I never wished to marry you. My first and the foremost love has always been Shreya. Today, we both are standing before you as we both would like to apologize. I was silent for so many years because her father took her away from me as he never wanted me to be her husband. Today, she has returned and I won’t hesitate to leave anyone for her sake.”

“I am just speechless. I don’t want to say anything just get out of my house right now. I will never forgive you. Atleast you should have had this much decency that today was entirely our day. I had been starving all day long for you and…..Oh man, just forget it and get lost.”

She shut the door behind her and wept her heart out as she knew her husband would never return.


She placed the bindi just between my forehead and smiled.

“Perfect,” I said to myself.

The sudden knocks at the door disturbed her and she walked slowly and slowly towards the door. As she was walking she could visualize all that has happened a year back.

(One year ago)

She was surprised when she saw him standing in front of her. Vaibhav’s eyes were full of tears and he hugged her tight. For a few minutes, there was silence in the air.

Breaking the silence, Ruchika asked, “Why are you back?”

“I have realized how much you had loved me. I could feel the pain you had gone through when I left. I thought Shreya was loyal to me but I was wrong. She has very well played with my emotions till now. She already had someone in her life and was just using me for her pleasure. After she left me I realized that it was the payback of all I did to you a year back. If you forgive me I really want to start a new life with you and trust me I won’t leave you this time. I need you.”

He extended his hand forward and said, “Please hold my hand and let me in if you forgive me and would like to give me a chance to rectify all that I did to you.”


She held his hand and they both walked together into the house. She looked at the moon and then stared at her husband.

He wrapped his arms around her and said, “I love you Ruchika.”

“I love you too, Karan.”

They both went into the bedroom and Karan placed his face over her shoulders from the back and said, “I know that you will never forgive him. Although he came back to you and for a moment I thought that I have lost you. But you didn’t leave me.”

“I am glad that I am celebrating Karwa Chauth with the guy who actually deserves all this. His apology didn’t affect me that time because I already had the husband in my life for whom I groom up every year. The knocks at the door had always been deceptive to me but the day you knocked on my door, love had never left me alone again.

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