The Shred Belt Review: Waist Trimmer Belt Reviews

The Shred Belt Review: Waist Trimmer Belt Reviews

Why Buy The Shred Belt?

Stubborn belly fat has always been a point of concern for overweight people. The bulging stomach gives your body an unattractive look and the out of shape body don’t let you dress up the way you always want to do. Many people who used to do workout regularly that despite of regular and longer workout sessions, they are not able to lose the belly fat and don’t get the chiseled abs they always wish for. But you need not to complain anymore because the waist trimmer belt can take care of the stubborn belly fat. Before discussing about the shred belt, you should know that why you are not losing the belly fat.

Science behind belly fat

We have two types of receptors which control the fat cell metabolism and blow flow within and outside of the fat cell. These cells are namely:

  • Alpha receptors: these receptors hinder the blood flow in and out of the adipose (fat) tissue through vasoconstriction (constriction of blood vessels).
  • Beta receptors: these receptors promote the blow flow of adipose tissue through vasodilation (relaxing the blood vessels).

The density of these two receptors is predetermined in your genetic configuration and thus it cannot be altered. This density of a particular receptor in a given region decides that how much fat you can burn in that region. Your belly area has 9 times more alpha receptors than the beta receptors which makes the melting process of fat deposits in this area near to impossible. When this alpha receptor comes in contact of a fat burning hormone Catecholamine then it prevail the beta receptors and inhibit blood flow. This means that the fat burning hormone will not reach to your belly region even during workout and prevents fat extraction from the cells.

If you will go on a restrictive diet then also there will be no difference because your weight loss will be temporary. Stats say that 95% people have gained weight again after dieting and 66% have become fatter than they were before diet. Dieting can only make your fat cells fatter and stubborn.

What is the solution?

It is true that we cannot alter our genetic makeup but fat can be extracted out of the adipose tissue by increasing blood flow in the fat depositing area. This method will bypasses the alpha receptors and reaches to the fat cells. But in order to enhance blood flow, the blood vessels must be dilated. Here comes the best trimmer waist whose thermogenic effect induces vasodilation directly into the belly region. It increases the blood flow into the fat cells very effectively and thus facilitates the transport of fat burning hormones to the fat cells to extract fat from the fat depositing cells.

This waist trimmer belt can increase the blood flow up to 10 – 15 times than normal blood flow. Therefore, this belt helps you in overcoming your poor genetic configuration and give immediate results. This product is designed to complement your activity level means if you will wear it during your workouts then it will give maximum results.

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Features of the product

  • Overcome the poor
  • Works on everyone independent of body type, fitness level or lifestyle
  • Its thermogenic effect can be felt within few minutes after wearing it
  • Target the fat deposits in the belly region instantly and in a unique way
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • High quality Velcro closure which keep the belt at place even during intense workouts such as martial arts or HIIT.
  • Adjustable for 32” – 45”

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Benefits of the product

  • Generates instant thermogenic effect in the midsection
  • Won’t displace even in intensive workout trainings and gives enough support
  • Corrects your form and posture
  • Gives you lots of flexibility to move around during workouts
  • Comfortable to wear and you can easily hide it under your clothes
  • Its edgy design makes you work shirtless

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Does The Shred Belt work – Customers’ review

There are no complains so far from the customers. They have felt its effects within few minutes and very happy that the product actually targets the fat and shape up the abs. some people has complained that it becomes unbearably hot but one should understand that the heat is generated by the body itself and not by the belt. It has proved itself as a good product so far.

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