Top 10 Benefits of Kettlebell Training for Weight Loss

Top 10 Benefits of Kettlebell Training for Weight Loss

Are you looking for a workout which gives you benefits of cardio and strength training while fitting into your tight schedule? Then Kettlebell training is the ultimate answer for you. This heavy and round shaped weight can make you burn 400 calories in just twenty minutes. There are various benefits of this exercise which makes it one of the best weight training exercises.

  1. Burn more calories in less time

Kettlebell exercise gives you better results in less time as it combines the benefits of cardio, strength and flexibility training. This is a high intensity workout that is why it should be performed for short periods.

  1. Help in weight loss

You can lose lot of fat from your body with regular practice of this exercise because it enhances the metabolic rate and build lean muscle mass. This development of muscle mass utilizes the fat deposits as energy source means more calories burning. This workout also stimulates the human growth hormone in the body.

  1. Strengthens each and every muscle

The off center design of the Kettlebell provides a wider range of motion and employs more stabilizer muscles which are generally less engaged in other weight training workouts like barbell and dumbbell. It gives a full body workout and also strengthens the joints, tendons and ligaments. Thus, this exercise prevents any kind of injury to connective tissues or bones.

  1. Budget exercise

A pair of Kettlebell cost less than a gym membership or personal trainer and you can get fit and healthy in a less expensive way. They are highly durable and you can use them lifelong means it is a one time investment.

  1. Easy and effective

This exercise is very easy to learn as the movements are simple and you can start instantly. You can easily do it despite of more age or low stamina. This workout will help in increasing your stamina and fitness level which improves the quality of life.

  1. Increase functionality and efficiency

Regular practice of this exercise makes your regular but difficult activities very simple such as carry heavy packages, climbing stairs etc. It increases the mobility, stability and strength in the body by developing a high level of muscular flexibility. It will keep you energetic and active throughout the day.

  1. Improves mental efficiency

The design of Kettlebell requires proper balancing and thus you have to stay focused on it. This helps in increasing your concentration and coordination in the body. This exercise makes your body work as a single unit which enhances the mental focus.

  1. Cures pain

This exercise is very helpful in curing the back pain and bad shoulders because it engages the glutes and overuse the lower back muscles which removes the pain in that region. In simple words, the body learns a correct and powerful movement pattern. It is also found to be very helpful in shoulder pains mostly happens in case of athletes and martial art practitioners. This exercise removes the bad shoulders by increasing their mobility, stability and strength.

  1. Shock absorbing feature

The ballistic shock of the Kettlebell teaches you to absorb shock in an efficient manner which is very helpful in sports like wrestling, football and hockey. It enhances the impact resistance of the body by strengthening the whole body. It increases the recovery in sportsperson or persons with limited movements by providing exceptional conditioning of the muscles without injuring or stressing them.

  1. Interesting and fun activity

If you have to do a workout for twenty minutes for twice a week and you can perform various exercises by just modifying your grip then you can never get bored. You can put your innovative skills into it and combine other exercise with this one. This is compact and portable which gives you a freedom to perform this exercise in your comfort zone such as home or park. The movements and exercises are very simple, unique, quick and enjoyable means you are going to stick to it for sure.

Kettlebell exercise is different from other weight training exercises and it welcomes anybody who wants to try something new. You will get positive results in few weeks time and there will be no looking back for you then. You will become addicted to it.

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