INSPIRATION : Twin Brothers in Bodybuilding

INSPIRATION : Twin Brothers in Bodybuilding

Twin brothers Austin and Justin Starks decided that they need to do something to stay in shape. This was decided by them when they were in college. But they didn’t take the usual route of running. Instead, they focused their attention on weight lifting.

Justin said

“At first it started off as something we did to stay active and make sure we didn’t get too out of shape, but it quickly became a priority for us,” Austin said, according to theDaily Mail. “We loved the structure it brought to our lives and especially loved the results.”

They quickly started with their routine and regular diet. Their workout routine consists of upper body workout three times a week, lower body workout twice a week and then take rest for two days. They used to dedicate 10-12 hours every day and they used to do a combination of high intensity and high volume exercises.

Slowly and steadily their workout started to pay off. As per their joint Insta account, Justin set the Georgia state powerlifting record with a 540-pound deadlift in Nov 2017.

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Austin added,

“The gym is something we both enjoy, so spending up to two and a half hours in a session is something that we both actually look forward to every day”.

As far as their diets are considered Justin commented

“When we’re cutting, we eat as low as 1700 to 2200 calories a day, and when bulking we eat as high as 3400 to 3800 calories,” Justin said.

“Protein is also a priority for us, and we aim for 200 grams a day to build and maintain their muscle mass.”

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