Two Weeks Vegan Meal Plan

Two Weeks Vegan Meal Plan

Want to lose weight or looking for change from your all meat diet then vegan mealis the best option available in your service. A healthy, tasty and nutritious plate of vegan food is much lighter and energy boosting than the conventional meat based diet.

The main noticeable thing about any diet is the calorie part means if you taking right calories then you can tackle your weight gain problem. The best trick to take right amount of calories is to make your breakfast and lunch heavy in calories while decrease the calorie composition to 25 percent of your daily calorie requirement in your dinner. A light dinner gives you enough time to burn extra calories.

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Here is two week meal plan which will help you in understanding what a vegan meal looks like and also helps in customizing your own meal plan.



Breakfast – oatmeal with walnuts and raisins + 1 whole fruit

Lunch – Avocado Reuben + spinach salad with sesame dressing

Dinner – tofu spinach lasagna + salad


Breakfast – soy yogurt with mixed fruit + 1 whole fruit

Lunch – tacos

Dinner – fusion salad/ scallion pancakes/ spicy sesame noodles


Breakfast – biscuits + fruits

Lunch – tofu salad/ pita bread

Dinner – roasted vegetable pasta


Breakfast – cereals + soy milk + fresh fruit

Lunch – Tofurkey sandwich/ pretzels

Dinner – grilled mushroom steaks + creamy mashed potatoes + brown gravy


Breakfast – bagel with vegan cheese + fresh fruit

Lunch – fresh avocado with lime juice + readymade vegan chili

Dinner – roasted veggie and tacos + fried beans


Breakfast – French toast + fresh strawberries or sliced melons

Lunch – potato soup/ canned vegetables + Caesar salad

Dinner – Louisiana gumbo


Breakfast – fresh fruit + non dairy milk

Lunch – tofu scrambles + hash brown

Dinner – carrot ginger soup + grilled tofu + steamed brown rice and asparagus



Breakfast – cereals with nondairy milk (soy milk or rice milk) + whole fruit

Lunch – whole grain pasta salad

Dinner – baked French fries + celery and carrot sticks + ranch dressing + vegan Buffalo wings


Breakfast – bagel sandwich + sausages

Lunch – veg burger + salad

Dinner – green beans + mashed potatoes + Seitan parmesan with tomato sauce


Breakfast – frozen waffles with earth balance butter + maple syrup

Lunch – black bean and soy cheese quesadilla + salad

Dinner – fillet with mushroom sauce + mashed potatoes + braised Brussels sprouts


Breakfast – bagel with almond or peanut butter

Lunch – non dairy cheesy toast + split pea soup with tempeh bacon/ salad

Dinner – stuffed butternut/ acorn squash with tofu + sautéed collard green


Breakfast – whole grain pancakes + cup of blueberries + tempeh bacon

Lunch – smoked pinto beans quinoa + sautéed kale

Dinner – charred Seitan skewers + wheat berries/ chili broccoli


Breakfast – brown rice with blueberries and almonds + non dairy milk

Lunch – pinto beans with chili, tomatoes, peppers and onions/ salad

Dinner – Seitan fillet with melted non dairy cheese + mashed potatoes + collard green


Breakfast – apple pecan pancake with maple syrup + veggie sausage or banana muffins + fruit

Lunch – Italian eggplant sandwich + mixed green salad

Dinner – stir fried tofu with veggies + brown rice

Some other important things besides having a healthy meal plan is to take proper rest and enough sleep, stay happy and stress free. You should avoid any kind of emotional eating while you are on a meal plan to enhance the health effects of this diet.

You can use canned beans but try to avoid processed foods as much as possible and always use healthy oils for salad dressing or other cooking purposes. These small tips helps in keeping you fit and stay in shape.