How to Prevent Hair Loss While Losing Weight

How to Prevent Hair Loss While Losing Weight

Weight Loss Hair Loss Problems

If you have started weight loss or have already gone through then you must have come across of problem of hair loss. The more weight you will lose then you will lose hair as well but one should not worry too much about it as this problem is temporary. Once you will stop losing weight and you will have a proper calorie intake by following a nutritionally balanced diet then your hair fall problem will be cured.

According to a study, Alopecia in crash dieters published in Jama medical journal nine out often patients who have undergone a vigorous weight loss program have complained about losing hair due to weight loss after two to five months after the start of the weight loss program. Those who have lost 25 – 55 pounds have lost 25 – 50 percent of hair during their weight loss journey. Regrowth of hair has been seen within several months after the completion of weight loss program. The main reason suggested of this temporary hair loss is rigorous calorie restriction with inadequate energy supply to the hair matrix.

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In other words, when people tend to lose weight by any means such as less eating, exercising or due to stapled stomach then the body senses an incoming starvation phase and it triggers the protective mechanism for its survival. Therefore, conservation of energy becomes the main task of the body and energy is supplied only to the most important needs such as preserving muscles and energy supply towards hair growth is minimized or cut off. Thus weight loss and hair loss goes hand in hand.

Can we prevent quick weight loss hair loss?

Yes, it is possible to prevent hair loss during weight reduction program. Here we will discuss some precautions one should take in their diet regime to avoid hair loss.

Elements need to be avoided

Weight loss program means living a disciplined life which consists of restricted diet and routine workout but there are many areas in a weight reduction program which can affect the hair health.

Crash dieting

This practice is very harmful for your hair because sudden transition from your current diet to a new weight reduction diet can be shocking to your body. It can negatively affect the hair growth which causes quick weight loss hair loss. The change in your hair health might not be noticeable for several months because the dieting practice can slow down your hair growth and even make some of them dormant. This halt of hair growth result results into immense hair fall once they will shed naturally after few months of dieting which makes them look thinner.

Restricted diet

If you are having a restricted diet like ‘the apple diet’ which doesn’t include full range of nutrients then your hair health is going to decline for sure. If your restricted diet is focused on a particular nutrient like proteins or carbs then you can become deficient in some key or vital nutrients which can cause hair loss.

Avoid extreme dietary changes

One should not take variety of supplements randomly in order to gain nutrients for your body during weight loss program but you should know that vitamins, minerals and fats interact differently with each other. Some of these interactions can make the supplements indigestible. Therefore, try to take supplements as few as possible to avoid any side effects.

What is the right approach of weight loss program?

Weight loss program is for your betterment so doesn’t make it work negatively for you. Here are few suggestions which can help you achieve a great figure without harming your hair in the process.

Keep the meal portion size small

During weight loss, try to eat 3 – 5 meals of small portion size on regular intervals. Your meal should contain balanced amount of nutrients in it. You can replace the calorie rich food with healthy alternatives. It is because if you will cut out the fuel of the body then you will feel low on energy which will create an internal stress.

Don’t miss out your meal

You should never skip your meal because by doing so you are signaling you body that the food availability is less and you body start reserving fat in return. This makes you fatter and all your weight loss efforts go in vain. This problem can be solved by taking small meals on regular intervals so that your body remains satiated and stop the storage of fat.

Clean your digestive tract

Change the oily and fatty food with fibrous food to clean your digestive tract. Try to avoid meat except lean meat (chicken or turkey) because it is high in fat which takes lots of time to digest and your digestive system has to do more efforts in its digestion. If you will take a simple diet then it will put less stress on your digestive tract which will improve the natural cleansing process. When the body will cleanse itself then your hair health will improve as well.

Take hair loss supplement

During weight loss hair loss problem, you should consult your doctor before taking any supplement. Hair loss supplement can provide the enough nutrients for proper growth of hair.

Regular exercise

You can achieve your desired weight loss goal while taking appropriate calories and doing exercise. Exercise will improve blood circulation and metabolism which helps in better nourishment of hair. it means your hair will grow more rather than falling down. Meditation can improve your mental health and also help to treat hair loss.

Tracking weight loss

Journaling of your activities is very important during your weight loss program as this is the best approach to track your faults, efforts and achievements. Try to find out activities which can adversely affect your hair health in near future and rectify them as soon as possible.

Wash your hair after workout

While weight loss hair loss problems, always remember to wash your hair with a mild shampoo after an intensive workout as the body sweats profusely during workout which can cause humidity in hair. If you will not wash your hair then this humidity can cause germ buildup on your scalp which results into dandruff, irritation or scalp infection.

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