Why to Use Orthopaedic Seat Cushions

Why to Use Orthopaedic Seat Cushions

With lifestyles and work profiles becoming more and more sedentary in nature, people get much less exercise than they used to earlier. People work in offices and need to be seated at one place for hours together often without having the chance to get up and stretch, let alone taking a short walk. One of the damaging fallouts of this sedentary lifestyle is severe backache which can render a person incapable of carrying on with daily activities. While one might consider changing one’s job in order to be in a different kind of work environment, however, it might not be a practical option for most people. Changing a few small things in one’s immediate environment often works better. This is one very good reason why to use orthopaedic seat cushions.

Some features of these cushions which make them useful:

  • They are designed to support the spine and provide support to other bones like hip bone, tail bone and coccyx in order to prevent back problems.
  • They are usually made of memory foam which is the material recommended by orthopaedic doctors.
  • They are light and portable. So you can carry them to work and use them as an accessory with your normal work chair.
  • They usually come with a washable velour cover that helps keep them clean after long periods of use.

As mentioned earlier, sedentary lifestyle as well as wrong posture leads to a lot lower back problems as well as other problems. Sometimes orthopaedic cushions help distribute one’s weight, which helps in improving leg circulation. Sometimes they reduce pressure on the hip bone, tail bone or coccyx or help in keeping the spine in the proper position, thereby promoting better posture. Often, these cushions are useful providing lumbar support too. In fact, these cushions are ideal for people who are suffering from an existing spine problem or damaged tail bone, hip bone or pelvic bone. They help reduce impact on the spine when sitting for long periods and provide relief from back pain.

Their cushions are versatile and can be used with:

  • Work chairs at home or the office
  • On a driver’s seat in the car
  • On a wheelchair
  • Pretty much anywhere you sit on a chair

Now that you know the advantages of these cushions, you can decide for yourself why to use orthopaedic seat cushions. Not only do they help support your back, they provide support to other bones as well as provide relief to you in case you are suffering from back pain. Moreover, they help improve circulation in your lower limbs. And, as mentioned, being light and portable, they can be carried anywhere and used wherever you need to sit down.

They are a simple and hassle free way to deal with your back problems in places where you need to sit for long periods. Just place them on your normal seat, let them provide relief and support to your back and enjoy your high productivity.

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