10 Benefits of Doing Push Ups

10 Benefits of Doing Push Ups

Pushup is the favorite exercise of all workout freaks and doing higher number of pushups is like a proud thing to do. It is easy to perform by stretching your body parallel to the floor face downwards and putting your body weight on your toes and hands. But its easiness should not be mistaken with low calorie burning. This is a high intensity exercise and burn a large amount of calorie depending on your weight, frequency of pushups and speed of the exercise.

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Here we will discuss 10 major benefits of this excellent exercise.

  1. Instant exercise

This exercise gives you a freedom of not modifying your schedule to do it. You can do it anytime and anywhere for instance, performs this workout at home in the early morning or at the office in lunchtime. It requires space a little more than your body length and takes time, according to the number of repeats you can do.

  1. Fits in your budget

If we look at how much you are spending on doing pushups, then the answer will be a big zero. No equipments are required for this exercise and still it give you benefits of weight training, cardiovascular exercises, etc. This exercise also saves your gym charges and other fitness related costs. You can enhance its effects by coupling with other exercises.

  1. Makes you strong

This is the most popular and historical body sculpting technique which is still in function because of its “effect” factor. It works on all the major muscle groups of the body simultaneously and helps in burning calories. They strengthen the musculature of the body, especially forearms, shoulders, chest, abdominals and back regions.

  1. Weight loss

This exercise makes you burn lots of calories by considering the stored fat as source with each repetition of pushups and builds more lean muscle mass. Thus, you lose your extra weight by burning the fat deposits of your body.

  1. Shape up the body

It also tones up your body, especially shoulders, trunk, butt, upper and lower body and helps you in getting back in perfect shape. It provides a full body workout and transforms your body.

  1. Enhanced metabolism

Since this is an energy demanding exercise, therefore your metabolism need to work more in order to meet the energy needs. The regular practice of this exercise keeps your metabolism elated during workout and even in the following hours. This enhanced and efficient metabolism helps you in the proper flow of nutrients throughout the body and improves your overall efficiency.

  1. Increase stability

This exercise targets all muscle groups, especially the torso, core, obliques etc. and makes them strong and flexible. It is more effective than other exercises and releases the stress from your lower back, which helps in avoiding lower back pain and other injuries. Thus, it helps in increasing the flexibility, balancing and stability of the body.

  1. Lose more with variations

This exercise has evolved since ages and has many variations come up to make it more effective such as wall pushups, ballistic pushups, diamond pushup, Spiderman push-up, elevated pushup and knuckle pushup. These kinds of pushups make your body work harder and burn more calories.

  1. Increases stamina

Although, the process of pushup is easy, but for doing it number of times you need more stamina. If you have low endurance then this exercise helps you in gaining it in due course of time with regular practice.

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  1. Build bone mass

The weight bearing nature of this exercise strengthens the bones and joints like wrists, forearms, elbows, upper arms and shoulders. It also prevents the loss of bone mass and bone density related problems like osteoporosis.

Although, this exercise is a full package in itself, but if it is coupled with other exercises like weight training, treadmill, run, running, jogging etc. then one can achieve greater effects of the workout. This exercise increases the human growth hormone and therefore teenagers can perform this in order to achieve natural growth. It also improves the cardiovascular system because many of your muscle groups are engaged during this exercise and they require large amounts of oxygen which makes your heart and lung to work harder. The regular extra work by these organs makes them more efficient. So, go for this budget exercise as soon as possible.

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