The Fat-Loss Formula Workout Program for Men

The Fat-Loss Formula Workout Program for Men

Masculine body is totally different from female body in every aspect be it a texture of skin, endurance, physiology and psychology etc. and thus their workout regime is also different. So what is the fat loss formulain mankind?


Some men think that they can lose weight by cutting down their calorie intake which is true indeed, but it will make you lean and weak as well. Here we are talking about being fit which means a goal to get a lean and hard body with enhanced stamina.

Aerobic exercises

So, if you have discarded the idea of dieting, then maybe you are thinking about taking up some cardio exercises like running, jogging, swimming, etc. Your second idea is actually nice one, but it will take long time to effect and you will burn fewer calories as compared to the fat deposition rate of the body. Another drawback of aerobic exercises is that your metabolism will pull back to its normal rate after the workout means its benefits are temporary.

Formula workout with permanent benefits

No pain No gain

You have to imbibe the fact that there will be no gain of a fit body without going through the pain of the workout. Weight training is a best method to lose your unwanted fat and it works on the basic principle of increasing the efficiency of the body to burn fat without losing muscle mass. You should follow some rules in order to achieve the long lasting benefits of weight exercises.

Treat your body as a single unit

Generally, there are different sessions of weight training for different parts of the body like arms and shoulder days, which includes some particular muscle at a time and thus it takes longer time to lose the fat and tone up the body. Studies have proved that if you stimulate more muscle in a session, then it will increase your metabolism for the following 24-48 hours. This phenomenon of after effect of the exercise is known as ‘afterburn’. So you should try to consider your body as a single entity and involve as many muscles as possible in a single session.

Three is the key

Make a three day workout plan which includes full body workout and alternate them with a resting day. Your body will become tired because you are working on your entire body in a single session and proper rest will help your muscles in recovering for the next workout. Here are some important points you should remember while starting each workout session.

  1. Use equipments which targets a muscle group

If you are going to work on your whole body, then you should do it wisely. Use the machines which are designed to work on an individual muscle group like a leg extension machine which affects the major muscle group, i.e. the quadriceps and a free weight squat exercise works on more than 250 muscles of the body.

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  1. Do more standing exercises

A standing pose is more effective than the sitting or lying one because this position works on your major muscles like back, hip, leg and even big toe muscles just to keep your body frame vertical to the ground and thus utilizes more calories in order to do that. That is why a standing curl will benefit you more than a seated curl.

  1. Work on more than one joint at a time

The exercises which make you work on more than one joint at a time like the squat (hip and knee joints), rows (shoulder and elbow joints) and bench press (shoulder and elbow joints) are known as compound exercises and it requires a large amount of energy which triggers the release of fat burning and muscle building hormone in the body and gives you the desired results.

  1. Heavy workouts with low rep

Everybody has told you that if you will do light weights with a high number of repetitions, then it will make you lose more fat and increase muscle mass, but it is proven that heavy weight training with low rep has more benefits as compared to high rep, light weight workout.

  • They protect muscles from being used as a fuel source of energy and thus ensure the utilization of only fat in the body.
  • They have increased ‘afterburn’ effect lasting up to 2 days.
  • They also work on more muscles.

So, stick to 5 – 12 reps for next time and go for the heaviest weight around which helps you complete a rep effectively. You should do 3- 5 sets of four to six exercises per workout. If you are doing four exercises then do some more sets, but if you are doing six exercises then reduce the number of sets per exercise. Here are some exercises which help you in losing more fat deposits off the body.

Barbell front squat

This exercise mainly focuses on your quadriceps and also affects the core area and every muscle in your lower body especially glutes, hamstrings and calves.

How to do it

  • Stand inside a squat rack for the safety reasons and set the bar on the rack by matching your height.
  • Place your arms under the bar while keeping your elbows high and upper arm parallel to the ground.
  • Put the bar above deltoids and cross your arm while grasping the bar.
  • Lift the bar by pushing with your legs and straightening your torso simultaneously.
  • Stand on your feet at shoulder width apart with toes slightly pointed outside. Keep your head up and maintain a straight back otherwise you will lose your balance.
  • Start lowering down the bar by bending your knees and retaining the straight posture with the head up.
  • Stop bending your knees when the angle between your upper leg and the calves becomes a little less than ninety degrees.
  • Make an imaginary line with the toes and goes perpendicular to the front and if your knees are past this line, then you are stressing your knee and doing the exercise in a wrong way.
  • Straighten your legs again and exhale while raising the bar and take the starting position.
  • Repeat this exercise for 5 -12 reps.


If you have back issues, then you can replace this exercise with a leg press or dumbbell squat version.

Overhead press

This is commonly famous as an upper body workout, but it can give you a full body workout. It mainly affects the upper body muscle, especially shoulders, triceps, upper chest and upper back muscles, but your core and lower body muscles are also getting isostatically contracted means they are flexed without any movement. This feature of overhead press makes it a top choice for building muscles. Although it works on the whole body, but a bigger and stronger upper body shows the noticeable result of this workout.

How to do it

  • Do this exercise inside a squat rack or cage for safety concerns and grasp it outside shoulder width.
  • Take off the bar from the rack and hold it at your shoulder level and your forearms perpendicular to the ground.
  • Brace your ABS while squeezing the bar.
  • Press the bar overhead by shrugging your traps and pushing your head forward.
  • Bring down the bar by relaxing your traps and take your starting position.
  • Repeat the steps for 5 – 12 reps.


  • Make sure that you start the workout in a light way
  • Shrug your shoulders at the top
  • Maintain a straight back during workout otherwise you will injure it.

Bent over row exercise

This exercise works on a variety of back muscles and often used for both bodybuilding and powerlifting. It mainly targets the middle back and also works on other muscles, especially shoulders, Lats and biceps.

How to do it

  • Hold a barbell with palms facing down and slightly bend your knees. Bring out your torso in front side by bending the waist and keeping a straight back.
  • Exhale and lift the barbell to you while keeping your torso stationary. Only use the forearms to hold the weight and keep your elbows close to the body.
  • Squeeze the back muscles and hold for some time.
  • Breathe in and slowly lower down the barbell and regain the starting position.


  • Never slouch back as it can injure your back
  • Be cautious with the weight and start with light weight
  • Not recommended for persons with back problems
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