Dreaming of perfect abs over 40 : WE GOT IT

Dreaming of perfect abs over 40 : WE GOT IT

If you are over 40 and one night suddenly you dream of having those perfect abs, then don’t worry. You still have to. We have the time in our hands to build up and exercise for those muscular abs.

How we will or rather Joe Manganiello will tell you the way to build abs over 40:

perfect abs over 40

He names the abs plan as an 80-20 plan. It is a long term plan to fitness whereby the end of the plan you have a beach-ready body. And if you lose the body at any point in time, then you know how to get it back. This is a six-week plan and then you will be flaunting your abs through the open buttons of your shirt.

The key to 80-20 is that continue doing 80% of your diet and workout and the rest 20% is the cheat one. So, you know you can cheat only 20% of your diet and workout. This will you will stay motivated and on track too.

He also further adds that it is easier to maintain this shape than to get into this shape. Maintenance part is easier and less cumbersome.

Abs over 40 Exercise

Here are some of the tricks which will help you immensely in getting these dream abs –

1. Don’t skip the leg workout

This is very important. Leg workouts will help you in getting those abs. so, never skip them. This further adds to your metabolism and leg factor. Also, Joe trains his legs twice a week and he does heavy deadlifting once a week.

2. Curveballs deserve your attention

Abs over 40 Exercise two
Dreaming of perfect abs over 40 : WE GOT IT

You must train for a minimum of 5-6 days a week. Then only you will get proper results. And even if you want to withdraw yourself then 5-6 days is still fine.

3. Shred Phase

Here you need to adjust your diet and workout both. This will help to get properly shredded. Also, get your training and diet advice from a proper expert.

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4. Eat Precisely

Abs over 40 diet

Here you need to calculate your basal metabolism rate. This will help you to figure out what and how much exactly you want to eat. Use this formula to calculate your BMR – (Height in centimeters * 6.25) + (Weight in Kg * 9.99) – (Age * 4.92) + 5. Whatever is the result, you need to eat 500 lesser calories than that.

5. Undereating strict no

You might think that undereating will help you but no it will not contribute in building up the muscles and thus don’t ever undereat. This way you are delaying your overall body process.

6. Fasted Cardio

Dreaming of perfect abs over 40 : WE GOT IT
Dreaming of perfect abs over 40 : WE GOT IT

Begin by doing 45-minute jogging or cycling on an empty stomach. This will accelerate your heartbeat to 110-130 per minute zone. This will enable you to firstly burn your liver glycogen and then eventually your fats.

7. Intense Workout

Don’t give yourself a break. Dumbbell biceps curls, then close-grip pushups, next dumbbell hammer curls, and finally dumbbell skull crushers. You need to do at this 10 repetitions of this without any break. Continue this for four rounds.

Abs over 40 Workout

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