Assam Bodybuilder Golap Rabha adds new feather to his cap

Assam Bodybuilder Golap Rabha adds new feather to his cap

Assam’s star bodybuilder, Golap Rabha as the “52nd Amber Prix International Overall Champion (Men’s Category)” in Europe.

The Amber Prix International Championship event is part of the international bodybuilding competition “Europe AM and Pro Championship” organized by World fitness federation and Worldbuilding federation (WFF/WBBF).

A number of bodybuilders take part in this international bodybuilding competition. He was also one of the 1st runner ups in the Pro World Cup 2019.

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WFF/WBBF Assam President Parag Choudhary and secretary Pankaj Choudhary wished Rabha on his achievement.

Last year also Rabha was successful in winning the title of Mr. World 2018 in the WBBF championship of bodybuilding competition.

WFF which stands for world fitness federation is known to promote classic or athletic bodybuilding which has a focus on the aesthetic quality of the physique as opposed to the muscularity. Muscularity is something under which world bodybuilding federation focuses maximum upon.

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