Arnold want to Introduce Drug Testing in Bodybuilding

Arnold want to Introduce Drug Testing in Bodybuilding

Drug testing and bodybuilding have been one of the most controversial topics to date. Both of these have been highly debated at different platforms.

Legends have a view that performance enhancement drugs will have a bad fall on the bodybuilding field.

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Recently Arnold Schwarzenegger said

“there’s a lot of people that have the feeling that – if they take drugs, then that will enhance their performance. but what happens is that if you think that you take two pills that it will help you and then there are guys that will say ok, if i take ten it’s five times as good, and then they go and overdose.”

His exclusive interview in South Africa where he mentioned that the use of drugs in bodybuilding is increasing day by day and it should be a concern for everyone in this field. He further added

“It’s Called Bodybuilding, Not Body Destroying. We Don’t Want To Destroy The Body, We Want To Build The Body And We Want To Build Health And We Want To Build Fitness, And We Want To Build Longevity.”

There are five Arnold sports annually. Two of them are sanctioned by IFBB and the remaining three are sanctioned by NPC. The split which happened in 2017, before this all the amateur competitions were sanctioned by IFBB and these were run under the strict screening of WADA (World Anti Doping Agency).

Because of this split, many NPC supports predicted that IFBB will suffer because of this but the opposite happened. The number of athletes who registered for this competition dramatically increased. This was because earlier people registering with IFBB had to go through a drug testing competition whereas none of that was present at NPC.

Arnold want to introduce drug testing in bodybuilding

IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja had a dream that IFBB should associate with Olympia and that is obviously happening. IFBB is associated with a number of events of Olympia. And IFBB is the only authority in bodybuilding whose anti-doping program is in line with WADA. Any bodybuilder who is not compliant with these guidelines is suspended by IFBB.

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Moving over to NPC which is run by Business tycoon Jim Manion who is itself listed in the WADA Prohibited list of associations for committing anti-doping rule violations.

Arnold want to introduce drug testing in bodybuilding
Arnold wants to introduce drug testing in bodybuilding

NPC is the one who uses the name of Ben Weider in almost everything even when they are moving just against everything he gave his life for.

This is not right. We just need to wait and watch what the future holds for.

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