Do’s and Don’ts of Steroids for Gaining Weight

While most people want to lose weight, some people like to gain it. This may be in conflict with society’s trend, but there really are people wishing for it. Some say that the best way to lose fat is to gain weight. Counter intuitive as it may seem, gaining weight means gaining more mass. As you gain more mass, you lose fat. Steroids, like those that may be seen at or others, make gaining weight faster than the coming of winter.

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts when using steroids to gain weight:

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Make sure you follow these Do’s of gaining weight with steroids

– Consult with a physician or an expert first. Some people should not take steroids, as they can worsen some conditions

– Follow the prescription methods. Follow them religiously

– Eat. You’ll need the energy to be able to lift things, exercise, and train. Steroids convert a lot of things into energy and it would be a waste if you did not use them

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– Take vitamins and minerals. The body loses many of these when you train, lift, and exercise a lot

– Take breaks from time to time and let your body heal; this is especially true when you feel sick. Even with steroids, you are still human, after all.

– Ask for recommendations and suggestions on what to do next from others; one cannot stand on his own. You might do something dangerous without knowing

– Level your exercise up after you’re used to it. This can help you progress as you try to gain weight and remain on the same level as you are right now

Don’ts also exist. Make sure you avoid doing them

– Don’t starve yourself. This is very counterintuitive to what you want to happen. What will be there to convert if there is no food? Also, you’ll need the energy

– Don’t overdose, abuse, or misuse. Steroids are fun things to use, but they can be dangerous as well. Make sure you follow the way they are supposed to be used and taken. It has been proven countless times that they have many adverse effects. You do not want to catch any of them

– Don’t train like there is no tomorrow. The fact is, there is still tomorrow; the world won’t end anytime soon. Know your limits and don’t over train yourself. If you stop your regular training because you get injured, you may have significant muscle loss

– For women, don’t take them if you’re pregnant… just don’t. Your baby won’t gain weight and you won’t benefit either. You’ll endanger both your lives

– Don’t take steroids without the proper guidance of an expert. Many athletes and hopefuls have experienced bad effects because they took the wrong steroid at the wrong time

These do’s and don’ts must be followed to ensure that you gain weight safely. It may be harder, but develop the discipline to follow these rules and you’re sure to gain the best body you’re hoping for.

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