Is Lasik Safe? Who should Choose Lasik Eye Surgery?

Is Lasik Safe? Who should Choose Lasik Eye Surgery?

LASIK is an advanced type of eye surgery. Commonly LASIK is a type of laser performed eye surgery. In present time, it is also one of the most common types of surgery that is performed by medical experts. The surgical method is used by experts using advanced laser equipment and machine for undergoing eye surgical procedure. It is widely used for patients who are suffering from vision problems.

Technological advancement and availability of better techniques in most hospitals, more number of patients under this surgery every year to correct eye vision problems. You can collect more lasik eye surgery reviews online over the internet.

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LASIK Details

LASIK is an abbreviation used for laser in-situ keratomileusis. It is an advanced form of eye surgical method that is used by medical experts. At the time of undergoing this medical surgery, the professional surgeon will make a small incision in the cornea of the eye. Once the incision has been made then the surgeon will make use of advanced tools to raise the tissue flap. Some laser tools are used to help surgeon reshape the cornea tissue. This process proves helpful in rectifying the impaired eye vision for the patient.

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Who can Go Under LASIK eye surgery?

The surgical method is mainly used by the professionally trained surgeons to help correct the vision for people who have been suffering from conditions like long sightedness, short sightedness. Apart from this the surgical method is also helpful in rectifying conditions like astigmatism, to a much greater extent. The patient undergoing this type of treatment is expected with quick lasik surgery recovery. You may not have to spend days at the hospital after undergoing surgery.

As per the medical experts it is not advisable for patients suffering from advanced conditions of short sightedness or strong lens users to under go this type of surgical method for correcting vision problems.

Side effects lasik surgery

Complications involved

You just need to keep in mind that with any medical surgical method, complications are always involved. As Lasik is also a type of medical procedure so it is obvious that some level of risk factors are involved. But the chances of complications are only restricted to in about one out of 25 patients. Even after the patients might have under gone the surgery, still for few days he or she may have to use glasses for few days after surgery.

In most cases patients undergoing this surgical method may not need to wear glasses after the operation, but experts may recommend wearing it when driving, especially during night time. You can review lasik eye surgery video for more information related to complications and risk factor.

Laser eye surgery cost in India for Lasik surgery

In general, Health schemes and insurance plans run by the government may not be covering treatment cost for Lasik surgery. If you have to under go this treatment you may need to approach a genuine eye care private hospital. Even if prices for overall treatment may vary from one hospital to another depending on the types of laser eye surgery still you may have to spend around INR 75000 or more for complete treatment.

Advantages of this lasik eye treatment

There are numerous advantages when opting for Lasik eye surgery. Some of the main benefits may include:-

· It is considered as being very much effective for correcting the vision related problems in most patients. So there are more number of patients who can take benefit of this treatment.

· Another major benefit is that the patient under going this type of treatment may not have to suffer excess of pain or complications even when undergoing it without anesthesia. There are less chances of facing harsh complications.

· Lasik surgery meaning clear states that it is a type of treatment that uses laser technique, so the results can be seen within one or two days after operation. In some cases the results are also seen immediately after operation.

· As the operation is performed using advanced techniques so the recovery of the patient is also instant. Patients may not need to be hospitalized after the surgery in most cases. Apart from this in laser eye surgery side effects are hardly noticed in patients.

· The patients may also not need to be dressed with bandages after the surgery as the incision is healed immediately and there is no need for external stitches.

· One most important benefit of under going this surgery is that for patients adjustments in vision can also be made for many years even after under going surgery. So you may never in future need to make use of eye glasses for correcting your vision with age.

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Disadvantages of Lasik Eye Treatment

· One of the main disadvantages is that any changes that have been made at the time of surgery to the cornea will be permanent and cannot be rectified in later stages. To correct you may further have to undergo a surgical method using Lasik treatment technique.

· The procedure of the treatment itself is very much complex so not many professional surgeons are able to perform it without prior training. There may also be problems if the surgeon is not experienced to perform it as the flaps of tissue may get damaged. You have to keep in mind that laser treatment for eyes advantages and disadvantages may in general depend on the surgeon and his level of experience.

Side effects of Lasik Eye Treatment

Just like any other medical surgical treatment Lasik may also offer with few side effects in patients undergoing surgery.

· In most cases the patients may experience discomfort for one or two days after surgery. The image may not be much clear for few days. Even if you have undergone surgery still you may find difficulty with night vision. So it is advisable for such patients to avoid driving without glasses during night.

· Another major disadvantage is that as the tissues are removed so you may feel the surrounding area inside the cornea is very much dry most of the time.

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It is advisable to seek professional consultation before undergoing this treatment. Try and approach an experienced surgeon who holds his expertise in performing this surgery. The surgeon will only advice you with this surgery after going through your past medical history. In case you are not aware, then you should try and collect more information from your health expert.

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