The Amazing Benefits of Methi Seeds (Fenugreek) for Weight Loss

The Amazing Benefits of Methi Seeds (Fenugreek) for Weight Loss

Methi seeds, (Fenugreek) offer with some of the most amazing health care benefits. As a herbal supplement it offers with natural weight loss benefits. Being easily available, the herb is used by many people as DIY or traditional home remedy for effectively shedding down excess body weight. Even if it is a herbal product, still you need to get familiar with the right dosage, preparation, benefits and side effects (if any).

fenugreek seeds benefits weight loss

Fenugreek weight loss or gain – supplement?

Fenugreek is scientifically termed as Trigonella Goenum-Graecum (Methi) is a commonly used spice in many foods preparations in different cultures. It has been known for its medicinal benefits and belongs to the pea family. The seeds are also identified by its distinct taste that is slightly bitter and this is also one of the reasons why it has so many medicinal uses. Fenugreek leaves and seeds have been used as traditional medicine in most cultures. Methi seeds soaked in water overnight have been used as home remedy for ages to help cure weight loss problems.

Mineral contents of fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are rich source of different nutrients and minerals including proteins, carbohydrates, calories, fiber, iron, fat, copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and Vitamin B6.

According to exerts the seeds are rich in above mentioned minerals which are present in different quantities in each seed. The moment you prepare a potion using this seed it is obvious that each of the mineral is present in the potion in fixed quantity. This is what makes the fenugreek weight loss dosage more effective.

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eating methi seeds benefits in weight loss

Advantages of Fenugreek seeds for effective weight loss

· Being low in carbs, many people have been using cinnamon and fenugreek for weight loss. Unlike any other herb, fenugreek is considered as being rich in healthy carbs so it does not promote in weight gain.

· Being rich source of fibers it also proves helpful in fighting constipation problems. Fibers also help in elevating the BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) of the body naturally thus forcing the body to burn down unwanted stored fat naturally.

· As the fats in the seeds are in soluble form so it helps in fighting the craving for hunger for a longer time. You can go through fenugreek weight loss reviews and collect more information about its healthy benefits.

· The seeds prove helpful for people at the time of dieting as it will kill your hunger craving naturally. For best results it is advisable to take the supplement empty stomach early in the morning. This will also help in rectifying with your bad eating habits and stomach disorders.

· The seed is also a good source of polysaccharide, a soluble fiber termed as galactomannan that proves helpful in sugar absorption from the body. This ingredient is also one of the main ingredients that is used by experts in preparing over the counter weight loss medications.

· The seeds also prove helpful in fighting diabetic conditions as it is known for increasing the insulin absorption rate such that the body does not store excess amount of fats.

Proper dosage and usage of fenugreek seeds for weight loss program

People in different religion and culture have been using fenugreek seeds as supplement for weight loss. They follow different methods for preparing the supplements. Some most commonly followed methods for preparation of weight loss supplements are mentioned here. You can also Google methi for weight loss in hindi or any other language.

Fenugreek soaked seeds

It is more effective and can be prepared following easy steps. You just need to soak few seeds for over night and sieve them in the morning. The soaked seeds can be chewed early morning empty stomach. Many people also believe that drinking water will also prove helpful empty stomach.

Tea preparation

The tea prepared using fenugreek offers with numerous benefits apart from controlling weight. It is also one of the main ingredients that boosts your digestive system.

· To prepare the tea you just have to grind few seeds and make a paste by adding little amount of water to it. The paste prepared cam be added to boiling water with cinnamon, ginger and lemon for taste.

· Just sim the tea for few minutes in a pot and then it can be consumed empty stomach in the morning. Consuming this tea for a few weeks will offer with best results.

In general it is advisable to collect some information about methi seeds side effects before taking these supplements. Experts suggest that side effects are very rare as the supplement is herbal in nature.

When preparing tea, you can also add little amount of sugar if you are not diabetic. Some amount of natural tea leaves can also be added to it for taste.

fenugreek tea benefits

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Fenugreek tea during pregnancy and breast feeding

Experts also suggest that fenugreek tea acts as a stimulant by stimulating uterine contraction. So in case you are concerned about fenugreek weight loss breastfeeding then experts advice to avoid it during and after pregnancy.

Fenugreek weight loss powder

Methi seeds are also used as best spice alternatives when preparing curries. To prepare the powder you just have to roast a few seeds in a pan. Then the seeds should be crushed to form fine powder. Little water can be added to the powder and consumed empty stomach or even added to the curry.

Fenugreek seeds as capsules for weight loss

The capsules are also sold as over the counter medications, if you don’t want to prepare the supplement every morning. Each capsule is around 600 mg and so one capsule can be consumed every morning. You will not face any side effects of fenugreek seeds if you consume around 6 grams on daily basis.

Apart from this you can also try and sprout the fenugreek seeds that can be consumed as your weight loss potion every morning. It is believed to be rich source of Vitamins (A, B, C and Vitamin E). Apart from this the sprouts are also rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Even if fenugreek offers with numerous health benefits still few people may also be allergic to it. If you are suffering from asthma condition then it is better to consult a doctor before using this supplement. People suffering from diabetic conditions are believed to benefit a lot from fenugreek seeds. Abrupt intake may also result in abdominal side effects to some extent.