Get Taller Exercises – Tips for Growing Taller

Get Taller Exercises – Tips for Growing Taller

If you are keen on adding a few more inches to your present stature through exercises, this article is for you. No matter which age group you belong, you can gain height by doing certain exercises regularly. There are a number of scientifically proven exercises, which can help you to grow in height even after the stage of developmental age. The only thing needed to be taken care of is that you should be disciplined, strict, patient, and regular while following the exercises. Exercising regularly will help your body to get stretched and flexible. It will also encourage the body to produce more human growth hormone that is an important ingredient for growing tall.

Exercise is the natural way that enhances the potential of body growth. You should always opt for these natural methods rather than going for expensive leg lengthening surgery, height gaining cream and machines. You can incorporate the below listed exercises into your daily routine and get height gain.

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Stretching exercises

Stretching your body will make it grow properly and fast. Doing a few particular stretches, you can gain tallness. It is stated by professional that stretching has the same effect resulted by other resistance workouts such as weight lifting. It mainly target the spine and helps it elongate. You should follow a good stretching programme that includes various schedules putting the body in different types of positions. This makes the body more flexible and adds to the faster bones growth rate. A perfect set of stretching done regularly will help you to add extra height to your actual stature over time.

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Pelvic shifts

These are known to be the most easiest and successful exercises that maximize our height potential. This exercise mainly targets the lower spine and the hips. Start doing this by lying down flat on your back on the floor, then bend your knees and bring your legs closer to the buttocks. Then move your pelvis upward to create an arch and stay in this position for 5 to 10 seconds before releasing. Repeat this step as much as you can.

Hanging Exercise

For height gain, hanging exercises are considered to play an effective role. People from all the age group can do this exercise. You should keep in mind that this is to be done regularly in order to keep the body active and healthy. Hanging exercises like monkey bar hanging help to stay fit and grow taller naturally and fast. You can start by hanging on a strong bar stretching out your spine for 10 to 20 seconds. Repeat the same for five to ten times. Besides increasing your potential for height gain, this will also make your arms and palms stronger. To get effective results make sure to do hanging exercises for about 30 minutes a week


Swimming is counted as an excellent form of exercise to rejuvenate our body and making it flexible as well. Make yourself float on the water and at the same time try to do some drills and exercises. This will help you to stress your body parts and also release stress. However, going for this, you should learn how to swim properly under a trained and experienced instructor.

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If you are determined to increase your height a few inches more than you should opt for kicking exercise. This is recommended as one of the best growing taller exercises. It is not only effective but is also very easy to do at home. Practicing kicking will not only help you to grow tall but will also keep to fit and active. This exercise helps the knees to build up cartilage that can further help us grow more. Undergoing kicking exercise, you need to snap out a kick stretching out your legs as much as you can. However, you should be careful not to kick too forcefully to avoid pain.

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Ankle Weights

This exercise is mainly focus on your lower body enhancement. To do it, you need to stretch the cartilage between your knees. Doing so will lengthen the cartilage and increase mass helping your lower body to grow. Add weights to your ankle using ankle weight fastener; you can start with adding less weights and increasing the weights gradually. The pressure of the weights in the ankles will allow your legs to stretch down making them lengthen. Repeating this exercise thrice a week will show effective results.


If your are keen on increasing your vertical stature and grow tall then make sure make cycling a part of your daily exercise. Riding a cycling helps our leg bones to stretch and thus helps in height growth. It is an incredible physical workout and an eco-friendly exercise as riding a bicycle doesn’t produce gas or smoke. But, the fact is that it can aid height gain but cannot cause it. Cycling works out your muscles heavily. Cycling for at least 4 miles a day will lengthen and tighten the legs and calf muscles. This will also make your lower body lean making you look tall. Cycling not only helps in adding inches to your actual height but also makes your stronger.

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Jumping rope is another helpful exercise that results in proper body growth and development. While skipping, our body is stretched both upwards and downwards. This helps your body to grow in height making you grow taller over time.

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Walking is considered as the form of all the exercises since it involves the entire body. Brisk walking is favoured for keeping us fit and healthy. It helps the body to release more human growth hormone that is an important ingredient for height gain.

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I am sure that those who are keen on increasing their height will be benefitted from these exercises. Start from today and achieve height to your stature naturally.

Exercise and Yoga Grow Taller