Intra LASIK – The Latest Advance in Laser Eye Surgery

Intra LASIK – The Latest Advance in Laser Eye Surgery

Intra LASIK is the most recent addition in “LASER assisted eye surgeries” and frequently used for corrections of the common vision problems like myopia (nearsightedness), Hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism with utmost precision. It is a completely blade free method and uses the IntraLase F5 laser.

Traditionally, the refractive error correction surgeries were conducted using an instrument which includes a disposable called Microkeratome for corneal flap creation. Since, Microkeratome is a hand-held instrument therefore the chances of complications are more. On the other hand, in Intra LASIK method, the whole surgery is conducted without any blade touching your eyes!!

Through this article, we have presented detailed information about the ‘bladeless’ Intra LASIK eye surgery for you!!

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How is Intra LASIK surgery done?

Like regular LASIK eye surgery, Intra LASIK eye surgery involves the following steps:

Pre-surgery tests: Prior to your Intra LASIK surgery, you will have to go through several eye-tests in which, data about your eye conditions will be collected and an ‘eye-topography’ will be created. You may have to face repetitive eye-tests in order to get the most accurate vision after the surgery.

Intra LASIK surgery: After the tests, your ophthalmologist will decide whether your eyes are ready to endure the surgery. When you get thumbs up for the surgery, you will have to follow the instructions given by your surgeon.

During the surgery, tiny pulses of laser light are passed through the flap created over the cornea within a quadrillionth of a second. This laser light will develop microscopic bubbles beneath the cornea. The dimension of the layer of bubbles will be determined according to the refractive error you have developed. The flap will be created in 15-30 seconds.

After the flap is carefully opened, the surgeon will remove the tissue and seal back the flap. The healing process will start as soon as the flap is sealed.

Post-surgical tests: Within the next day of the surgery, you will start to get clearer vision which will improve with time. However, you will have to go through several post-surgical tests to ensure your eyes are in good condition. In addition to the tests, you will also have to take several medicines and eye-drops to take care of your eyes.

What are the advantages of Intra LASIK eye surgery?

  • The surgery will take less than 30 minutes.
  • The high-technical devices used for the surgery eliminate the chances of visual impairment which is possible in other kinds of eye surgeries.
  • 92-98% of the people who have gone through the surgery are satisfied with their improved eye-sight.
  • You won’t need any kind of visual aids after the surgery.

What are the disadvantages of Intra LASIK eye surgery?

  • It is conducted on the most sensitive organ of the body and is irreversible.
  • Even after going through surgery, you may need eye-wears during your mid-age since your eye-sight will weaken naturally with your age.
  • These surgeries don’t cover insurance; however, there are also exceptions.
  • Enhancement surgery or an extra surgery may be required to get the best result of the surgery.
  • In the early stages of the healing process of your cornea, you may have to face the problems like night vision complications, glare from light, halos around light, dry eyes and blurry vision.

Is Intra LASIK eye surgery safe?

Yes, it’s completely safe if you wish to have a perfect 40/40 vision. Most of the patients who have gone through this surgery have got satisfactory vision without any complications. Since, it is completely Laser operated method therefore the risk factors are comparatively lesser.

  • Difference between ‘blade LASIK’ (Microkeratome assisted surgery) and ‘Bladeless LASIK’ (laser assisted surgery)
  • In conventional LASIK eye surgery, microkeratome, sharp disposable instrument is used to cut the flap in the cornea for the surgery whereas in Intra LASIK eye surgery, a high-energy laser, Femtosecond laser is used for the creation of the flap.
  • Microkeratome LASIK eye surgery takes lesser time than the Intra LASIK eye surgery.
  • In Microkeratome LASIK eye surgeries the chances of getting improper flap is more whereas in Intra LASIK surgery, as the flap creation is done by the laser so it’s more accurate and safe.
  • In Intra LASIK eye surgery, there is chance of swelling (Oedema) in the flap due to water accumulation which doesn’t happen with Microkeratome.
  • Microkeratome LASIK eye surgeries have higher vision distortion than Intra LASIK eye surgeries.
  • In Intra LASIK eye surgery there is risk of transient light sensitivity.
  • If the patient has already been operated for vision error correction in the past then Intra LASIK eye surgery isn’t safe for such patient as it can cause harm to the previous incision of the flap.
  • Intra LASIK surgeries cost more than the Microkeratome eye surgeries.
  • Intra LASIK surgeries allow better sleep compared to other LASIK eye surgeries.
  • If the patient has glaucoma, Microkeratome is the safest LASIK eye surgery for them.

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What is the cost of Intra LASIK eye surgery?

The cost of Intra LASIK eye surgery or laser eye surgery ranges from $299 per eye to $4000 or more per eye. The average cost is around $2500 USD per eye. Intra LASIK surgeries cost more than the conventional LASIK eye surgeries. Generally the factors that affect the cost are: Region, technology used and expertise of the surgeon.

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Summary: Intra LASIK eye surgery uses bladeless method in the eye surgery. A special femtosecond laser is used for the creation of the flap and removal of required tissue from the cornea to correct the refractive errors. The advantages and disadvantages of the Intra LASIK eye surgery is same as other LASIK eye surgeries, however, the chances of flap complications is less in the Intra LASIK surgeries. However, its best to ask your ophthalmologist which LASIK eye surgeries is best for your eyes.

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