Jammu Ace bodybuilder wins in USA

Jammu Ace bodybuilder wins in USA

Jammu ace bodybuilder Rahul Dev Manhas wins a prestigious event in the USA. He won the very popular muscle mania physique at Mr. Universe 2019 at Miami, Florida.

Rahul Dev Manhas has earlier also won a number of national and state level awards and he is one of the first Indians to represent India in the prestigious world Muscle Mania Physique Competition. The participants and veteran bodybuilders from all over the world have taken part in this.


Rahul Dev at the age of 56 has won this prestigious title and he has set the benchmark for himself. With this inspirational win, he has become a role model for himself and he is extremely delighted on his win.


He is extremely proud of his winning and this brings down to the hidden talents of the Jammu and Kashmir state.

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Rahul once shared that his state does not have the well-equipped facility for training and gymming and thus he had to face a lot of hurdles for the same. He has always said that if he ever makes it big in the future, then he would definitely devote time for the development of fitness and gyms in his state. There are many youth who are interested in the same but couldn’t devote their time for the same.


We wish Rahul all the best in his future endeavors and we also wish that the man could get all that he wishes for himself and also for his state fellows.

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