How to Play Safe, Unsaid Rules of One Night Stand?

It can be fun to have a one night stand with someone that you might like being around but you are not necessarily looking to get into a long-term relationship with. But when planning a one night stand, you have to know the rules.

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There are many 1 night stand rules that must be followed so you and your partner will enjoy your time together and not have any regrets afterwards:-

keep honest unsaid rules of one night stand

Keep Honest

One of the first one night stand tips to follow entails being direct. You have to be honest with your partner about the one night stand. You should be willing to say that you are just there to have a one night stand. Let your partner understand this, but allow that person to head out if that person is not interested. But the odds are that person will want to hang out with you if you are at least honest at the start.

don't cheat real partner unsaid rules of one night stand

What About Other Partner?

You should also talk about any cases where you are in a relationship with someone before getting into a one night stand. This might help with adjusting everyone’s plans for how intimate the evening is going to be. You could state that you don’t want to be too rough in the one night stand because you don’t want the word to get out about it or possibly get into any physical problems. Your partner should be willing to accept this point without judging you far too much.

carry condom unsaid rules of one night stand

Stay Prepared

You have to be prepared if you’re going to have a one night stand. The last thing you want to do is get into a one night stand only to end up contracting something off of someone else. Bring condoms or other birth control materials so it is easier for everyone to feel comfortable. Look at where your one night stand is going to be at as well while planning transportation through a taxi, ride sharing service or something else if you are going to be drinking or getting into something that might be really rough or physical.

don't show over excitement unsaid rules of one night stand

Don’t Be Too Sexual

It is one thing to have sex and enjoy it during a one night stand, but the emotions that come from this event are something else. The emotions of a one night stand are often casual and aren’t going to entail being overly romantic. In many cases, it is just two people consensually agreeing to be romantic and sexual with each other for a brief moment. You have to avoid being very sexual with someone because you don’t want the situation to be too intense for any reason.

thank partner unsaid rules of one night stand

Thank Your Partner At the End

Always be appreciative and courteous even in a one night stand. One part of what guys think after a one night stand often entails being too rough or rushing things. Instead of hurrying out the door in the morning, you should just thank your partner for a great time. This could be the start of a strong and positive friendship, but this point is even more important for showing that you are respectful and careful about the one night stand.

clean up yourself after sex unsaid rules of one night stand

Always Clean Up After Yourself

The last thing to do entails if you are going out to someone’s place for a one night stand. You should clean up after yourself so you show a sense of courtesy. Always pick up your clothes and take out any trash you produce. The key is to avoid leaving any traces of what you are doing in a spot. You don’t want to leave lots of things relating to your one night stand over at someone’s property.

What If He or She Contacts You Again?

There might be cases where you might be having a one night stand while in a relationship and that person in that one night stand might want to get in touch with you again. It might be nice to get a message from someone as it shows that he or she cares, but you should not assume this is a sign of romance. Just accept it as a friendly contact that only works for a brief moment.

You must follow these steps if you can’t stop thinking about one night stand activities. The key is to ensure that the whole experience is something that both sides of the affair will be comfortable with.