How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You – Scientifically Proven Tips

The game of dating is an interesting thing! It starts with flirtations and small talks but if continues it can become quite a serious thing to consider. Dating anyone is all about understanding the psychology of that person and playing by that rule. Each couple has their own unique dating rules and not two are same in any way.

Now that you are dating your guy or gal for quite some time now, you are finding the person attractive with each passing day. So what are you thinking? Will that person get the hint? Or do you want your partner to come to you on own? You are in a dilemma as to how should you make your beloved fall for you. Well, that is quite understood! You have fallen for your date. There are ways to fall in love, so what would be the best way to ?

serious relationship

Relationship experts and psychologists around the world have come up with various ways about what would be the right way to make someone fall in love with you. And if you are really looking for a serious relationship with your guy or gal then you need to be practical and positive.

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So, follow these 6 scientifically proven ways that will make your beloved walk into your life and take you in the arms forever.

1. Eyes speak a lot!

flirt with eyes

Yes, that’s right! Your eyes can speak volumes about what you have in your mind and all you need to do is to pass on those messages to the person through your eyes. Psychologists say that keeping eye contact is one of the strongest factors that work in bringing your beloved closer to you. When you want him or her to fall for you make sure that you are keeping an unbroken eye contact with him. A lot is reciprocated through each other’s eye and you can even understand what the other person is up to. It is the most positive vibe that you can pass on to your partner even without uttering a single word. Let the person whom you love read your heart though your eyes and that person will surely understand the feelings you have in your mind which will make that person fall in love with you.

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2. Make them feel appreciated

appreciate your partner

Well this is a universal truth that works for everyone in this world. When you appreciate someone for his or her goodness, achievements, behavior qualities and many such other things it definitely draws you closer to their heart. We all love appreciation for what we have done and what we are. So, if you love your man and want to make your all yours then appreciate him and accept him in the way he is. When you make him feel that he is someone special to you and someone you care about it is bound to happen. He is surely going to fall head over heels with you. This same rule is also applicable for any particular man who wants to won over the heart of the special woman in his life.

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3. Touch your partner more than often

how to touch your partner

Psychologists say that touch is one of the greatest way of expression for humans. One can understand your feelings through your touch. When you touch your partner it increases their level of comfort, make him or her understand you better and feel for you. It secures that person as well. Especially for the girls this has a very strong effect and when you are trying to woo your man into your life touch him more than often. Hold his hand to make him feel loved and accepted as he is. Touch even ignites the fire within your partner and that draws him even closer to you. In case of the guys touching your girl should be done sensitively as this could convey some different message to her as well. Hold her hand most frequently, pamper her and make her feel special with your loving touch. This will make her understand how much you care for her and desire to have her in your life.

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4. Share your secrets with your partner

share secrets

Now that you are dating each other for quite some time you have obviously become good friends. It is said that when you open up and share your secrets with your friend you get close to him or her. So, now that you want the special friend of your life to get close to you and love you, make sure that you start sharing your secrets with him or her. Asking for some advice and discussing your problems at times make that person feel that he or she is an important part of your life and you tell them things that you don’t tell anyone else. This feeling not only makes your partner feel special but will make him or her fall in love with you unconditionally. This scientifically proven way does work for both men and women equally.

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5. Listen carefully and discuss

When you listen to a person and then discuss his or her problems it makes the person feel safe, secured and that is how he gets closer to you. He can feel your concern and your care for himself which in turn finds a way to his heart. Listen to your partner and make him feel positive about everything he wants to discuss. Never show that you are disturbed or irritated with the discussions as that will create a wrong impression and distance between you both. When your partner knows that you are the person he or she can run to whenever in need, they know you are the person to keep forever in his heart.

6. Meet him more often than usual

meet for dating

You are in love with your partner. That’s great! So what is stopping you from meeting him? Well, if there isn’t a problem of physical distance between you two where you both are located in two different places then try meeting up as much as possible. The beginning of a new romance is the best thing you can enjoy. The sweetness of meeting the person you love and making him or her feel the same for you is the greatest excitement and happiness you can experience. Also as much as you will meet the special person of your life, the more he will come to know about you and will start feeling for you. So don’t miss a chance and meet more often as this is the last but not the least scientific way to brew love in the mind of your beloved.

When you want your date to be madly in love with you, there are a lot of things that you can do. Among the many other things, these 6 scientifically proven ways are the best ones that can help you to make your dream person go weak on knees for you. But first, you must understand your partner well and decipher the things he or she would love. Dating is surely a game and when you play by its rules you come out as a winner!