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Weight gain is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and getting rid of it can become a difficult task. If you cannot afford a personal trainer but want to know about how to lose weight and the methods which have actually worked for people then online health forum is the best way to get views from other people like you who are dealing with weight gain problem and from those who have successfully tackled the weight issue.

This social interaction is possible with growing number of websites which offers an online platform to the people interested in fitness and weight loss. These websites offer a chance to its users to create a quality and relevant discussion in which other users can take part.

You can ask questions to other users about fitness regime, difficulties during workout, diet tips, and different approaches to weight loss. Example of this kind of forum is phentermine weight loss forumsdedicated to phentermine, an appetite suppressant which affects the central nervous system. Another example is the forum weight loss runner’s world which is a part of and everything about health and running is discussed here.

Here we will discuss about the weight loss forums and how they can help you in your weight loss goal.

Weight loss wars

This website allows its users to compete with each other by participating into contest which is similar to the biggest loser concept. Members of the forum interact with each other and lose weight while having fun during the competition.

Weight loss buddy

This is one of the weight loss forums USA which help you find a weight loss buddy on the basis of some search criteria within USA. You can send a private message to the members appeared as in the search result. If the other user agrees to become a buddy then you can add that user to your buddy list. You can also find weight loss tips suggested by experts and other health related suggestions on this site.

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Fat secret

This website offers information about any diet to its user and you can ask any question related to any diet on its forum. It offers an online food journal to plan and keep track of your diet along with an activity diary which records all the calories you burn by working out and you can record your progress as well. It also provides recipes, tips and food suggestion for your diet. Here you can join groups, take up challenges and find weight loss buddies which will keep you motivated. You can find here the suitable diet which fits into your needs and lifestyle. You can discuss about your personal diet or any popular diet which you wanted to take up but needs reviews about it.

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Sparkle People

This website offers the best information on health and having over 15 million registered members. It has also won 2012 OMMA award for website excellence. This site offers you nutrition advice, health-and-fitness tools, a highly engaged and supportive community. It inspires, motivates and supports its members to learn healthy living. It is not just limited to weight loss but it helps everyone to eat healthy and exercise regularly. You can find exercise videos, health mobile apps, health blogs and tips etc.

This is the leading web resource for health suggestion and provides valuable information on diet, nutrition, fitness content and tools. You can set your diet and track it, learn new exercises, interact with other members and browse through 1000 healthy food recipes. Its meal tracker/calorie counter can easily track meal and find calorie count of food and you can also maintain a graph of your weight loss progress with the help of weight tracker tool. You can make a log of your physical activity with its exercise tracker. Its members can search for weight loss buddies and share their questions, success stories, struggles and advice in the forums. You can also participate in the weight loss challenge which occurs throughout the year and winner is announced at the end of each challenge.

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This free and insightful weight loss application offers effective workouts and diet visual tracking tools. It offers more than a simple training log as it provides support to its members through its online community. Members can select up to four other members who will act as motivators and receive weekly updates about the member’s progress towards his/her goal. This site also offers advices from the experts of health and fitness from all over the world through database of articles and its active discussion forums.

Fit Link

This site is a fitness community and offers you tools to get in shape and connect with others. You can keep a workout journal, map running / cycling routes, plan activities, research exercises, calculate your body mass index, read fitness articles by using the tool to get in shape. On the other hand, you can find activity partners, training groups, personal trainers, health clubs, fitness centers and local events according to your goal and interests. You can start browsing this site by choosing your favorite activity or city of your residence.

Walking Spree

This site offers a wellness program which has applied modern technology over simple concept of walking. This program offers an activity tracker to keep an eye and record physical activities while its social networking platform motivates and engage the members in the weight loss process.

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Peer trainer

This website helps you in your weight loss journey and reduces your struggle through a cheat system. If you are visiting this site for the first time then you can download a copy of cheat system which contains two lists of food. One lists those foods which you like to eat and the other list contains the items which you want to avoid. The site believes that you can’t fail the cheat system and therefore you lose your weight effectively.

Well sphere

This site provides an online platform to you to connect with people with same interest as yours and get a perspective on the issues that matters to you. It provides features named “Wellpages” which instantly fetch you the best health information or advice from medical experts, doctors, patients and other leading health writers. You just need to type any health query in the search box to get answers from the experts 24 x 7.

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This site belongs to weight loss forums India and is very unique one because it caters to the need of south Asian community. Since the ingredients and dietary habits of Indian subcontinent are drastically different from rest of the world therefore this site provides you an easy way to lose weight with Indian Diet and Ayurvedic Diet, Online Diet Generators and Weight Management Centre. This site claims to be the only site which has comprehensive list of Indian recipes along with its nutritional label which helps in understanding the calories which we have taken up.

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