Best Rated Home Treadmills 2019

Best Rated Home Treadmills 2019

Do you want to stay fit but the busy schedule and lack of jogging or running track in your neighborhood are discouraging your spirit then a home treadmill is the best solution of your fitness problem. Just place it next to your bed and do the first thing in morning is spending 20 minutes or half an hour time on the treadmill. This is excellent equipment for simulating the aerobic exercises such as walking, running and jogging. This equipment has been evolved a lot in these past years and now it is fully loaded with extra features such as console, built in performance program, pulse monitoring and many more.

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Here we will discuss the best rated home treadmills of the year 2019:

  1. Nordictrack C 1650 Treadmill

Nordictrack C 1650 Treadmill

This treadmill is fully loaded with features which include 34 inbuilt workout programs which are designed by a certified fitness trainer. The features of this product are:

Motor: It has a 3.50 CHP motor which comes with a lifetime warranty and makes the treadmill run smoothly without making any noise even if you change the speed frequently.

Track: It has 60 x 20 track which can be cushioned by using FlexSelect. This is an on/off system means when you need the cushion to absorb the impact like sprinting then you can switch it on otherwise keep it off to get the feel of walking on the road.

Incline: It offers 15% incline and 3% decline so that you can customize your workout and simulates the walking on uneven surfaces like slopes or hills.

Programs: There are 34 inbuilt workout programs in this equipment. It also comes with iFit compatibility which gives you freedom of downloading unlimited workout to your treadmill from internet.

Console: Your bio stats like workout routine, fitness data etc will be displayed on a touchscreen which you can also use for web surfing.

Weight capacity (in lbs): It has high weight bearing capacity that is 300 pounds.

Portability: This equipment is foldable so it is ideal for small homes.

Warranty: Lifetime Frame & Motor Warranty, 5-Year Parts Warranty, 2-Year Labor Warranty.

Extra features

  • It also provides space to keep your tablet at eye level so you can enjoy any videos like music, movie or anything.
  • There is a try beneath the console to keep small items like phone, small towel, water bottle etc.
  • This equipment is compatible with iPod and other MP3 players.


  1. Sole F80

Sole F80Best Rated Home Treadmills 2019 1

This would be a best buy if you are looking for a quality product in a fixed budget. This treadmill has similar features as its other expensive counterparts but on a more reasonable price. The features of this machine are:

Motor: It comes with a 3.50 CHP motor which make your running smooth and noise free even on high speed.

Track: It offers a running surface of 22” x 60” dimension. The cushion Flex Whisper Deck feature reduces the impact of your workout activity up to 40 percent as compared to running on road.

Incline: It has 15 level racks and offers a pinion gear design.

Programs: It comes with six inbuilt programs, two heart rate programs and two customizable programs.

Console: It offers a LCD console with large clean description of essential data such as heart rate, speed, calories burnt, incline, time, distance traveled, pulse etc.

Weight capacity (in lbs): It can bear weight up to 375 lbs.

Portability: The frame is easy to fold means you can easily manage it in your home.

Warranty: Frame, motor, and deck have lifetime warranty, while electronics and labor have 5 and 2 years respectively.

Extra features:

  • MP3 player compatible and also has inbuilt speakers.
  • There are incline and speed controls on the arm rest. It also has cooling fans as additional feature.
  • There is a message board which will guide you with each step if you switch it on.


  1. Sole F85

Sole F85 TreadmillBest Rated Home Treadmills 2019 2
This treadmill has all the features of F83 model but its impressive 4.0 CHP motor makes it stand out on its own. The features of this equipment are:

Motor: It offers 4.0 CHP motor which can handle all types of workout and you can attain a speed up to 12 mph with one press of a button.

Track: It offers a running space of 22” which is comfortable for any runner. It has low noise deck and Cushion Flex Shock absorption treadmill deck to reduce the impact.

Incline: 0 to 15 percent inclines and pinion gear design is offered by this model.

Programs: There are total ten programs which include six inbuilt standard programs, two user customized programs and two heart rate programs.

Console: It comes with a 9” LCD display which shows all the essential data of the user such as heart rate, time, workout duration, distance covered etc.

Weight capacity (in lbs): It can bear maximum weight of 400 lbs,

Portability: Foldable design and user can store it in upright position which saves space in small accommodation.

Warranty: It has lifetime warranty on frame, motor and deck. It offers 5 years warranty on the electronics and 2 years warranty on labor.

Extra features:

  • It has heart rate monitoring feature which is pulse grips and chest strap compatible.
  • It has cooling fans and sound system which is MP3 compatible.


  1. NordicTrack X9i

NordicTrack X9i treadmill

This machine is loaded with awesome features and offers variety of workouts. The various features of this machine are:

Motor: It has 3.0 CHP motor which support all types of workout such as interval training, hills, endurance etc.

Track: It has 22” x 60” wide running track which is perfect for every type of foot strike, long and short strides.

Incline: It offers a large range of incline from -6 to 40 percent which you can adjust according to your workout requirement.

Programs: It comes with 35 inbuilt programs and it is also compatible with iFit which enables you to download unlimited workouts from the net to your machine.

Console: It has 10 inch web enabled touchscreen which shows the workout stats and training options. You can also use it for surfing internet while doing workout.

Weight capacity (in lbs): It can bear maximum weight of 350 lbs.

Portability: Although it is not foldable but its assembly is very simple and less time consuming as compared to other treadmills in the market.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on Frame, Motor and Deck. It has 5-Year Parts and Electronics Warranty. It also has 2-Year Labor Warranty.

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Extra features:

  • It has heart rate monitor built in the handle bars which gives you real time and accurate heart rate reading.
  • It offers a wireless chest strap which enables you to stay in the right training zone.


  1. ProForm Sport 9.0 S

ProForm Sport 9.0 S TreadmillBest Rated Home Treadmills 2019 3

It is a best buy in a limited budget without compromising on the features. The features of this machine are:

Motor: It has 3.0 CHP motor which is ideal for every type of workout and offers a smooth and quiet workout session.

Track: It has 20” x 60” track and design to withstand long distance running and on different speed. It requires occasional lubrication and maintenance.

Incline: it has automatic incline which can tilt the track by 0 – 15 percent and enables you to perform all types of workout.

Programs: It comes with 30 preloaded workout programs and it is also iFit compatible means you can download additional workout programs from the net.

Console: It has 7 inch display which is quite basic but you can use your tablet as well for better visual display.

Weight capacity (in lbs): It can support maximum weight of 325 lbs.

Portability: It is foldable with EasyLift assistance and thus saves your space.

Warranty: lifetime warranty on motor and frame while three years warranty on parts. You will get free labor for the first year of ownership.

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Extra features:

  • It provides two options of heart rate monitoring. First option is by inbuilt grip sensor in the handle bar and other is Bluetooth connection with wireless chest strap.
  • It has two cooling fans to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • It comes with an iPod port so that you have a freedom to enjoy the audio either by speakers or by your headset.


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