Why Running is best in Weight Loss?

Why Running is best in Weight Loss?

Running is the best workout to stay fit and keep you in shape because it involves each and every muscle and coordination between mind and body.

There are many reasons associated with running which makes it the best candidate of the aerobic exercises. Some of them are:

Saves time

This is the ancient method of terrestrial locomotion to reach distances in short span of time and involves rapid movement of the legs. This practice is equally effective in modern times as well and it helps in burning more calories as compared to walking. Thus, if you have a tight schedule and you still want to lose weight, then go for a morning run.

More afterburn

The benefits of exercise are highlighted by the rate of afterburn or the burning of calories in the resting hours after a workout. Since running is a high intensity exercise therefore it triggers more afterburn effect and in return your body loses pounds of weight. This helps you lose weight for the whole day.

Budget exercise

Running is among those exercises which have lowest requirements of exercise accessories. The only thing you need for running is a pair of high quality shoes which can support your foot strike and prevent injuries or strains. So this is the right choice for you to burn lots of calories without spending much on exercise equipments.

Stimulates hormones in the body

Running is an exercise which can never bore you because it consists of some aerial phase, which gives you a feeling of euphoria just like the time when you used to play the chase game in childhood. It is because of morphine like hormone “endocannabinoids” released by the brain, which gives you a happy and floaty feeling. It will increase the positivity in you by reducing the stress and depression.

Improves circulatory and respiratory system

Since this is an aerobic exercise therefore it directly affects the heart, blood vessels and lungs carry the oxygenated blood to and from the muscles. It increased the oxygen holding capacity of the lungs and the blood pumping ability of the heart. Thus, this exercise strengthens these organs and also maintains a normal blood pressure.

Increase bone density

Running is possible under the perfect coordination of all the systems, but especially skeletal systems and this practice puts it under stress. That is why, the flow of nutrients and minerals are channeled to this part increase with its regular practice. Your bones become stronger and healthier with an increase in bone density.

Affects flexibility and stability

The correct posture of the body during running makes you move in a fluid motion. It releases the tension in the joints in the body which is the cause of limited movements of the body. Release of stress, improves the flexibility of joints and stability in the body.

Tone up your body

Running is the best toner exercise for the body as it cuts out the fat deposits from the troubled regions and gives a streamline appearance to the body with lean, strong and firm legs.

Although, the benefits of running are numerous, but if this is not performed well then it can cause injuries, sprain and make you tired. So, perform this high impact exercise with utmost care.

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