How to Control Hair Fall Caused Due to Hair Rebonding

How to Control Hair Fall Caused Due to Hair Rebonding

Hairstyling is the biggest fashion trend set these days both among men and women. In our highly influenced society by celebrities and movies, everyone is in the cat mouse race to look their best and be perfect. The average is no longer a word in today’s time. People either want to be or look perfect or are satisfied the way they are. Being perfect is not wrong but yes spoiling yourself in the scenario is wrong. In order to get your favorite celebrity’s look, girls tend to run the trade mill for hours, skip meals and have long seating in the salon to get the desired look.

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Hair is the most integral part of a girl’s life, tends to be in the frequently modified zone. With the advancement in the cosmetic industry, many new permanent hair styling methods are launched like hair rebonding, hair smoothening, hair coloring, hombre hair coloring, hair curling, and hair straightening. These beauty services are done at every kind of salons i.e. from high key salons to low key salons. As the word permanent is attached to them, these services are done delicately using the best hair products in the market and are performed by professionals. But since every girl wants to look pretty and lose at the fund area. In the race to look like a princess, they get their services performed by amateurs and cheap beauty products further causing damage to the hair quality and scalp also.

What is Rebonding Hair?

Rebonding is the process of breaking the bonds of the hair while exposing pure heat to them and then rebounded back again using severe chemicals. The process the process of hair rebonding requires usage of certain harsh chemicals and prolonged heat. The process is performed on hair which is either of wavy, curly or frizzy texture. Generally hair rebonding process step by step duration is 3-4 hours to be done. Rebonding leaves the hair in plain straighten hair permanently results and exposes the scalp making the hair look extremely altered.

For a temporary phase of say 3-4 months, the major hair rebonding side effects, hair looks amazing and shiny but later on the when the natural growth of the hair starts to pop up then the hair loses its touch.

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After Effects of Rebonding Hair

Rebonding sure does bring temporary delight with itself in the starting but later on depletes the hair texture, natural color of the hair and the natural growth of the hair. Post rebonding the chemicals that are being used to perform the process disrupts the natural ph. the balance of the hair further exposing it to being brittle and prone to more damage. The scalp is exposed to the sun, pollution and air making the natural growth of the hair more worse.

Hair fall

Falling of hair after rebounding is the biggest problem faced by girls. The hair follicles after being brutally damaged by the harsh chemicals lose its position and enter the shedding phase. The hair not only leaves the scalps but also becomes immune to breakage. The ph. balance which is being disrupted become the reasons for hair to fall more often and frequently.

Though the hair rebonding causes more damage than good, there are ways which can help you get your natural hair back. Following are a few methods give you healthy hair treatments for damaged hair that can help to get natural hair back healthy after straightening.

The Aloe Egg Mask

Prescribed by even doctors, this method is globally used by everyone and has brought immediate effect. The mask is easy to prepare and apply. You can take eggs according to your hair length and get the get whites and dispose of rest of the part of the egg. Extract pure aloe from the aloe vera plant and mix it with the procured egg white. Apply the mask to the length of the hair and keep the mask on for good 20 minutes. After the listed time rinse the mask carefully and apply hair serum is necessary. Aloe vera has got healing properties and bind the broken bonds of the hair. Use it for at least two to three times a week.


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Choose the right hair product for applying simple remedies

Post damage you become choosy with your hair products which are required. So choose the shampoo and conditioner which has keratin in it as keratin is the protein which helps repair the hair. Also, look out for mild shampoos and conditioners as they won’t cause much damage to the hair.

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Massages with essential oils

Massage your hair with hot oil and leave it overnight. You can choose coconut, olive, and lavender oil. Either of them is beneficial to the hair. A hot oil massage for at least 3 times a week will surely help your hair regain its natural state and help them stay in the growing stage. Know more:Best Hair Oils for Hair Growth Women

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Taking a hair spa once a month can do wonders to your hair and control hair fall. Chose a mineral hair spa as it would initiate the linking if the hair. Spa can also eliminate split ends, stop the breakage and remove the chemicals being used in the rebounding process.

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Vitamins and Proteins

Vitamins and proteins are food not only for our body but also for our hair. Vitamin A and Vitamin B are known for its properties to help trigger the blood circulation in the scalp and also regaining the natural texture of the hair. Proteins, on the other hand, would revoke the breakage of the hair and stop further damage.

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Diet Change

Remember the times in school when we were taught that green vegetable is good for health and keeps us strong and active. It’s time to implement that theory again. Eating green leafy vegetables, vitamins and protein-rich diet will increase the blood circulation of the body and consequently help hair recover its natural state.

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Hydrate yourself

Water has got millions of properties because of minerals present in it. Drink more and more water every day and it will help hair growth. Also, water has healing properties which will make hair shinier and healthier than ever. Drink at least 2 l of water every day. Drinking fibrous juices will add furthermore advantage.

No to alcohol and smoke

Alcohol stops the hair from growing naturally. Alcohol dehydrates the body and soaks away the body water which helps the hair grow. So even you are an occasional drinker, saying no to alcohol is recommended. Smoking, on the other hand, reduces the flow of the blood and stops it from reaching the scalp which in turn reduces the hair growth. No to smoking and alcohol for some time is advised.

Avoid hair styling equipment

Reaching office is important and dazzling at a party is also important but not at the cost of your precious hair. If you have a frizzy hair then your hair is already damaged you might reach out for styling equipment to seek them out. But this will only make things worse as applying heat directly to the damaged hair will destroy them more easily. Even a hair dryer can cause severe damage to the hair as it instigates the hair damage which further leads to more hair fall. In case of emergencies, use a heat protection serum and then you can apply the hair straightener or the hair curler.


Following the mentioned steps can easily help you reduce hair fall and help you with naturally shiny hair. These methods are easy and affordable. Staying a bit careful with your hair can make you get your hair back in no time. Hair rebonding can be done for good results, but taking care of hair post rebounding is seriously advised as it can stop hair fall from happening. Love your hair and pamper them.

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