Right Age to Start Yoga

Right Age to Start Yoga

There is an old saying that ‘It’s never too late’, it implies for yoga as well. Yoga is a natural way of losing weight and it keeps you physically as well as mentally fit and healthy. Often people who wish to start yoga get confused regarding what should be the right age to start practicing yoga. Whether someone as young as 15 years or some in his middle age should try yoga. According to the experts, there is no specific age to start practicing yoga but as you grow older it becomes difficult to gain the same level of flexibility that you could have achieved had you started at an early age. If you start yoga at an early age, you will not have to start it later in life for fixing the physical and mental issues, because the chances are that you would already be leading a healthy and stress free life.

Start at an early age

Today life has become a race, where everyone wants to stay ahead of each other. The competition is getting tougher day by day and ultimately kids have to bear all the pressure. As the level of stress grows further, it stirs further mental disorders such as; hypertension, anxiety and can further land you in state of despondency called depression. Therefore, to avoid such complications in life, one must start practicing yoga at an early age and should inspire their kids to learn this ascetic discipline, which is a gift to humanity. Yoga will not only keep your kids stay healthy but it will also bring discipline in their lives.

It is observed in a study that these days, kids are spending more time on computer, playing games and surfing internet. They are more interested in playing games on smartphones and tablets rather than playing physical games. And this further causes several physical and mental disorders in kids. Diseases like diabetes which used to occur post 30 year of age is now becoming common in kids. Therefore, the best way to keep your kids busy in a physical activity that has several health benefits is to inspire them to practice yoga. This will also boost their memory level and concentration. Yoga will also bring flexibility in their body which will keep them away from several physical disorders in future.

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Break free from uncertainties- You can start even at a later stage

But as per the yoga experts, it’s never too late to start practicing yoga. There are people who are above the age of 60 and are still practicing yoga. So if you think you might be too old for yoga or you are not flexible enough to practice yoga, it’s time to break free from all these uncertainties. Yoga is for everyone, irrespective of age and gender.

No matter if you are a working professional or a housewife or a student, yoga is the least time consuming physical exercise and can be done easily in any open space, whether it is a park or a room. According to the practitioners, all it takes is 30-40 minutes daily to ensure that all your physical and mental problems are taken care of. The best part is that yoga is also the least demanding exercise because all you need is a mat and clothes loose enough for you to move your arms and legs comfortably while you perform several postures.

For kids, yoga can be helpful in making them disciplined and improving their concentration level so that they can understand the ideas and concepts quickly and thoroughly. And for youth, it is helpful in increasing their stamina, gaining flexibility and it prevents them from potential threats of physical disorders which are most likely to occur during the latter part of their life. For elderly people it is a necessity and a priority as yoga helps fight several diseases such as high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, indigestion, back pain, arthritis and several others. Yoga has innumerous health and mental benefits.

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So, do not hold yourself anymore. The only hindrance between you and your yoga practice is your will. Either you can join a yoga class or you may easily find several video tutorials online to help you with your daily yoga practice. Yoga is absolutely harmless and has no side effects. But try not to gain expertise on the very first day. Do not push your body too much. Start gradually and within a week or two you will be as comfortable as you were meant for this beautiful life transforming art we call ‘Yoga’.

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