Yoga for Beginners: Should I start Yoga at Home or join a Yoga Studio?

Yoga for Beginners: Should I start Yoga at Home or join a Yoga Studio?

Yoga has its advantages regardless of whether you practice it at home or studio. However, getting started with it might be a question in most people’s minds. So, let us take you through the benefits of both to help you decide what suits you the best.

Yoga helps you relax your mind, keeps you fit and your body in great shape. Life today has become a rat race where everyone is trying hard to compete with the other. People’s busy schedule leaves them with very little time to work out. With little time to spare for ourselves, health is actually not quite our priority. According to a study, most people give up their daily workout routine mostly because they lack time or don’t have a place; be it a yoga studio or a gym for that matter.

Yoga does not demand any specific gear or costume and requires just about enough space to practice different postures. You will also be surprised to know that practicing yoga only means giving up just about 20-30 minutes of your time to avoid any potential risk that can further lead to a physical or a mental disorder in your body.

Get the List of Benefits if You are Practicing Yoga at Home or Studio:

The biggest benefit of practicing yoga at home is that, you don’t have to travel to get to your yoga class. That also means you save on both time and energy which will help you practice even efficiently. Practicing yoga at home also makes you hassle free of getting stuck in a traffic jam or reaching class on time. Another benefit is that, someone else’s performance can demoralize you.

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Yoga is one such art that can be practiced at home and has innumerous health benefits. Experts say yoga is most beneficial when practiced in the morning, even better on an empty stomach. However, you can practice it at any time of the day as per your convenience. All you need to be careful about is giving it least 4-5 hours of gap between your last meal and your yoga session.

There are several Yoga books and DVDs available in the market on how to start your daily yoga practice at home. These also demonstrate how one should practice each asana. You may also find several video tutorials online on YouTube to get you started. These come along with a suggested diet plan. Yoga has various asanas dedicated to different parts of the human body. These videos will also help you find out which asana works best for which body part. For instance, the asana for losing weight might be different from the asana done to improve your concentration levels.

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However there are a few limitations of practicing yoga at home. While practicing on your own, there will be no teacher to tell you whether you are practicing appropriately or not. So, you will have to monitor your performance yourself. Also, at times you require a company while doing a task to keep you motivated and to help you maintain your level of interest in the activity. But these limitations are negligible as compare to the benefits of practicing yoga at home.

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of practicing yoga in a studio. Practicing yoga under the guidance of a trained professional can really help us enhance our skills and can improve our performance as well. A good teacher always motivates you to get better and always guide you the most appropriate manner of performing specific postures. Also, in today’s time where everyone is so busy in managing their own lives, they hardly get time to interact with others.

Thus, yoga classes create an opportunity to connect with other people and exchange views and opinions that benefits the entire community to have a better understanding on the various aspects of this life transforming art we call ‘Yoga’.

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