Type 2 Diabetes: How to Lose Weight

Type 2 Diabetes: How to Lose Weight

“You are gaining weight you will become obese soon.”

“I am telling you if you have n[ot started eating healthy food, it will not help you in long run.”

“Look at you! What have you done to yourself? Do some work out or you will become sick because of this extra weight.”

If you get rid of above sentences from your parents, wife, family or friends then you should be alarmed because these are those people who gives you an honest opinion about you and expects only your well being. Type 2 Diabetes is one such threat which comes to you if you roam around with extra baggage on your belly. The genes and lifestyle are major factors of Type 2 Diabetes. Although, you can control some factors like diet and weight gain while some factors are out of your control like genetic configuration, age and gender (females are more prone to Type 2 Diabetes).

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The human lifestyle has drastically changes from older times when physical activity was must in a person’s life. But in this mechanical age where almost everything is automated makes the humankind lazy and reluctant to physical activity which results into weight gain, obesity, stress, low on energy and many more minor and major ailments. The change in dietary preferences has also added more people in the Type 2 Diabetes league. People prefer carbonated or sugar sweetened drinks over natural drinks. In addition, taking up unhealthy fats like saturated fats and trans fatty acid in food has also increased the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Apart from diet, lack of physical training also causes this disease.

According to The American Diabetes Association losing those extra pounds can actually help you in improving your health when you are having this disease. Weight loss can help you in:

  • Lowering down the blood sugar level
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Improving the cholesterol levels
  • Reducing the stress on lower body parts like hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

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Let’s see how you can fight back to this Type 2 Diabetes by controlling your diet and physical activity.

Divide and rule

You have diabetes, you are overweight and you have no stamina. Don’t worry you have that one thing which is required most and that is Determination. Wise people always make plan before execution and you have to do the same. You have to divide big goals into smaller ones, for instance, If you can’t walk 3 Km at a stretch then no worries. Make it 1 Km round thrice a day. No one knows you better than you so make realistic and small goals which you can achieve without stressing yourself. Eventually, your small efforts will give you much stamina that you can perform heavy work outs later on.

Make a food diary

The best and easy way to keep track on your calories is writing down your meal on paper. This practice will help you in finding pattern in your food intake and pin point the faults in your diet.

Calculate your calorie intake

You have to decide your calorie intake by consulting your doctor or any nutritionist since your calorie intake is affected by many factors like age, gender, weight, body type and activity level and only a professional can tell you the exact amount of calorie required by your body by considering these factors. You can cut calories from Carbs, Proteins and fats and the recommended healthy ratio of carbs, fats, proteins is 50-55%, 30%, 10-15% respectively for diabetes patients.

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Don’t Skip breakfast

Weight loss doesn’t require skipping of breakfast or any other meal. If you skip your breakfast then it will affect your blood sugar level and overeating later on. But if you take a healthy breakfast then you have higher chances of balanced sugar level and reasonable weight loss.

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Take complex carbs

Following the general way of weight loss by cutting the carbs in your diet can be dangerous in your case as carbs have the immediate effect on the blood sugar level since they break down into sugar. To avoid the risk of blood sugar fluctuations, you should take complex carbs like whole grain bread and vegetables which takes time to break down and get absorbed in bloodstream. It will give you a feeling of fullness and you will eat less.

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Fiber for fitness

If you have added fibers in your diet then you have done a good job for your Type 2 Diabetes status since fiber rich food reduces the blood sugar level and enhance the weight loss. Research has proved that an adult who takes up more fiber have less amount of fat in his body. Try to include fiber rich food like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fiber rich legumes like chick peas and black beans in form of salad or soup.

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Small meals throughout the day

It is always better to have many small meals than one or two large meals a day. Large meals can boost up the blood sugar level while small meals throughout the day maintain a balanced blood sugar level. It keeps you full, reduces overeating and helps in less calorie intake.

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Workout effect

Generally blood sugar level goes down when you exercise as the muscles becomes sensitive to insulin and absorbs more glucose but in special case of Type 2 Diabetes sometimes exercises can increase the blood sugar level. So, we suggest you to check your blood sugar level before, during and after exercise to know how your body responds to your physical activity.

Work outs can help you in lowering down the blood pressure which aids in other complications like heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, eye problems and other Type 2 Diabetes related problems. Choose you exercise wisely by taking suggestions from a professional since every exercise affects the blood sugar level in different way like the aerobic exercises such as treadmill or running affects the blood sugar level immediately by lowering it down while weight lifting takes hours to affect the blood sugar level which can cause problem.

It is found that if you exercise regularly then you can reduce the need of blood sugar lowering medications and even take off the medication.

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Interact more with family and friends

When you socialize more it will make you more motivated for your goal. You will get support of your loved ones and they tell you about your improvements or drawbacks. Their support and complements boost your confidence and you will get rid of the feeling of giving it up.

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