Why Do Vegetarians Live Longer?

Why Do Vegetarians Live Longer?

Health Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

The health benefits of vegetarian diet are well known to everybody. Even non vegetarians can’t deny the benefits of plant based food such as fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices which they frequent use to enhance the taste, texture and color of their non vegetarian dishes. Studies favors the vegetarian diet because it is loaded with fruits and vegetables which are rich source of protective nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc. which is beneficial for human health. On the other hand, it is found that risk of diseases such as appendicitis, chronic inflammation, and kidney disease is high in red meat eaters. Research study (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26148917 ) states that Vegetarians and other populations who follow a plant-based dietary pattern enjoy longevity. Let’s find out the features of a vegetarian diet which can aid in living more.

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Keeps your weight under check

Vegetarians love to gorge on fiber rich food like salad and whole fruit which keeps them full for longer hours and this feature prevents overeating. Therefore, they are less likely to become overweight and research has proved that vegetarians have lower level of cholesterol and body mass index which makes them lean as compared to their meat eating counterparts. A vegetarian diet can help you in losing weight and prevent the lost weight from coming back if you continue with it.

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Health benefits of Vegetarian Diet
Health benefits of Vegetarian Diet

Fights off cancer

Many studies has found that people consuming the vegetarian diet have low risk of developing cancer of all types especially breast cancer which is common in women. It is due to the protective constituents of vegetarian diet such as antioxidant rich fruits, vegetables, beverages etc. Besides that, vegetarian people tend to live a healthy lifestyle like no consumption of alcohol or tobacco products which further reduces the risk of cancer.

Diabetes prevention

The major cause of type 2 diabetes is obesity or weight gain which can be avoided by consuming a vegetarian diet. The plant based food has natural sugar which doesn’t disrupt the blood sugar level. Vegetarian diet also helps in normalizing the blood sugar level and increase the insulin sensitivity in the body. A 22 weeks study has found that found that vegetarian diet has stronger effect as compared to the standard diabetic medication.

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Avoid toxins

Our body is well designed to remove toxins from the body through urine, stool, sweat and breathing but when the toxic load in body increases due to consumption of external toxin then it adversely affect the metabolism and the biological processes slows down in return. Animal meat is rich source of external toxins which comes from preserved and processed meat. Large quantity of chemicals is used to keep the texture of meat intact for long time and many of these chemicals have carcinogenic properties. Vegetarian diet especially the organic produce is the cleanest diet and gives you immense health benefits.


Lowers risk of heart diseases

Meat eaters have high risk of heart attack and other heart related diseases because meat is rich in cholesterol and saturated fats. People who consume vegetarian diet have low cholesterol level and low blood pressure which is the primary reason of low risk of heart diseases. Since, vegetarian diet works against obesity therefore it further reduces the chances of having obesity associated heart disease.

Health benefits of Vegetarian Diet
Health benefits of Vegetarian Diet

Improve mood

It is found that a better bowel movement has significant effect on your mood because you feel light and energetic. The soluble and insoluble fiber content of vegetarian diet helps in regulate and stabilize the bowel movement and therefore improves your mood. It also prevents acidity, bloating, gas and indigestion like conditions.

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Provide good sleep

Light nature of vegetarian diet along with a healthy lifestyle helps in getting enough and sound sleep which reduces the stress level in the body. A good night sleep has positive effect on metabolism and consumption of vegetarian diet boost up the energy level throughout the day.