Extreme Weight Loss Methods – Best Weight Loss Advice You’ve Never Heard

Extreme Weight Loss Methods – Best Weight Loss Advice You’ve Never Heard

Gaining weight is a passive process while losing weight is a ruthless active process which can absorb you physically, physiologically and psychologically. But if you are determined enough to conquer this battle then we are with you. You can start journal about your food intake, habits and physical activities throughout the day which will give you a clear picture of your aim and helps in developing a strategy to achieve it. There are many shortcut products for weight loss are available in market like pills, weight loss programs and supplements but we will suggest you to go for the conventional way of weight loss which involves a healthy diet and workout plan. But guess what, we will also share some secret tips here which involves new diet strategies, eating practices and behaviors.

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Best weight loss methods are as follows:

More options more weight

People always suggest eating variety of food but even eating single bite of different type of food can loathe you with calories. A research report states that more food option tends makes a person eat more. For instance, if you provide French fries with catsup and mayonnaise then people would like to try both flavors with French fries hence they will eat twice. Therefore, we suggest you to opt for fewer options in food and keep variety only in case of nutrients on your plate.

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Barley in breakfast

Swedish researchers have found out that barley has hunger suppressing abilities and thus it has potential of becoming new oatmeal for the breakfast. The barley and rye kernels maintains the blood sugar level since they contain carbs with low glycemic index which increase the blood sugar level with low rate as compared to other carbs. The research reports provide evidences for hulled barley and not for the pearl barley so that it cannot be claimed that the effect of pearl barley would be same as hulled barley.

Modify your lunch salad

According to a nutritionist of Boston University, people used to take vegetable salad without or little dressing which makes them hungry by early evening. Eating salad in lunch is a great dietary idea if you add some protein and little fat to it as it will keep you full for longer hours and there is less chances of having a cheat meal.

Fill your fridge with frozen vegetables

Fresh fruits and veggies are a great idea but some people find the cleaning, cutting, chopping practices troublesome and go for instant solution like packet of chips or other processed food items. That is why; it is suggested to stock up frozen fruits and veggies in your refrigerator. The best thing about them is they are ready to eat or cook items then you have no excuses of cleaning or chopping. Cook them in advance so that you can munch on them when you have cravings.

Eat like king size

Prepare a large vegetable or fruit platter for yourself or you can share it with your family or health conscious guests. Keep it in the front level of your fridge and encourage yourself to munch on it several times a day. Studies have proved that we have tendency to eat those food which comes first within our reach.

Benefit from the temperature

If spending time in hot sauna can burn calories then spending few hours in a chilly room should not be underestimated. Low temperature of 61 Fahrenheit stimulates the fat burning process of the body. When brown fat which is also known as “good fat” is exposed to low temperature it enhances its metabolic rate to 15 fold which burn the extra calories. It is found that lean people have more brown fat rather than the white fat which has calorie storage property. So, try to spend some time in a chilly house instead of a sauna.

Small plate small meal

The bigger plate you have the more food you will put into it. Try to serve your meals in small plates which help you in eating less. Eat several times a day on the small plate and it will help you in keeping full means less cravings for the day.

Give yourself a treat

When you found out that you have made a progress then reward yourself with a treat. Make this an excuse to go out to get your favorite yoghurt or candy. You will find that when you reach for your favorite food item your craving for it will subside.

Fit into your skinny jeans

The idea can be sound funny but it will affect you psychologically. When you will try your skinny jeans and couldn’t fit into it then you will double up your effort. Trying the jeans on weekends prevents you turn away from your weight loss promise and you will not take benefit of holidays.

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Click some before pictures

This trick is for your motivation and it requires you to click some front, back and side pictures of yourself. You can paste it on your mirror and compare yourself with those pictures every day. It will act as a reminder for you that you have to look more healthy and fit.

Use Banaba leaf extract

Banaba is a medicinal plant and found in Southeast Asia and Philippines. It has medicinal properties which help in diabetes and weight problems. It helps in lowering down the blood sugar level and enhances the utilization of insulin by the body.

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Olive oil is a tasty and healthy item

Olive oil is used for salad dressing and in cooking as it has great taste but scientist has proved that it helps has many medicinal properties which include taking care of your heart, fighting off stomach bugs, curing stomach upsets but in one sentence it takes care of your overall health. Olive oil helps in losing weight as its smell and consumption gives you a sense of fullness for longer hours which makes you eat less.

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Conjugate your tea with cinnamon and honey

Cinnamon is a prebiotic and helps in digestion, reduces cholesterol, lower down blood sugar level. It helps in losing weight by processing the sugar in a healthy manner and thus prevents the body from fat storage. Teaming up cinnamon with honey can take care of your heart, immune system, sore throat besides weight loss.

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