10 Important Weight Loss Facts You Should Know

10 Important Weight Loss Facts You Should Know

A good personality heavily depends on one thing i.e. your weight. Very thin or overweight people are considered as unattractive and a person suffers emotionally a lot in both cases. People spend their hard earned money on treating weight related health complications. If you want to gain weight or lose weight then you should know few things about yourself which you might not come across in health or workout blogs.

Here are 10 important weight loss facts you should know in order to stay fit. Right information can make a difference in how you deal with your weight issue:

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  1. Fat cells count

The density of fat cells varies from person to person and the range is very wide means some people have twice the amount of fat cells in the body as compared to other persons. If you have high amount of fat cells then even if you lose few pounds your fat cell count will not decrease and these cells will keep on depositing fat into them. Therefore, you have to be more particular about your diet if your body is high on fat cells. If you have high fat cell count then you need not to be disheartened because research suggested that a body which has fewer fat cells is more likely to gain obesity related health complication as the limited fat cells become over stuff and enlarge with fat deposits. It is true that we cannot reduce our fat count but following are the things which we can do in order to keep them small.

  1. Change your metabolism

Yes, this is possible. Research has proved that a gain of fat can slow down your metabolism and it become hard to lose the extra fat. The perfect solution of this problem is enhancing the body physical activity level. You can lift up your activity level by taking up a sport, morning walk, jogging, running or weight training etc. This hike in physical activity result into improved metabolism and efficient body system.

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  1. Keep stress at bay

Stress can lead to emotional eating which makes you fatter because stressful conditional induces the craving of carb rich snacks like chips, burger, fries, chocolates or salty delights which put off your stress hormones and you feel relieved. Stress hormone causes overeating and decreases metabolic rate which result into fat storage and less calorie burning. One can overcome this condition by meditation, workout or sports.

  1. Conditions before your birth

Research suggest that the sugary and fatty consumed during the pregnancy interfere with the appetite control and metabolic system in the developing brain of the fetus by stimulating the release of interfering proteins. Children of overweight women are more likely to become obese than the other women. It is found that children born after the gastric bypass surgery have better weight profiles than their siblings due to the change in womb environment. So, pregnant women should eat healthy for the well being of their child.

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  1. Sleep to lose weight

Sleep deprivation can interfere the proper functioning of metabolism. One should have at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep because sleep deprivation can cause hormonal imbalance, reduces leptin (hormone induces fullness) level and increases ghrelin (hunger hormone) level in the body. These effects can make you feel energy deprived, tired and you will find yourself eating constantly without being satiated. A sound sleep can give you greater sense of fullness and you can eventually lose considerable weight.

  1. Company matters

When you live with your friends or family then your company affect your weight a lot. If the person living with you such as your spouse has a healthy living approach then your weight will likely to be under check but if your spouse doesn’t have caring attitude about your eating or living habits then you are more likely to gain weight. If you have a partner which has unhealthy living habits then you can motivate him/her to lead a healthy life and explain the benefits of such approach.

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  1. Food addiction

In the weight loss facts you may see this, although food is not addictive but everybody has their own favorite food item and we get pleasure even by listening its name because mention of our favorite food stimulates the same part of brain which got activated in drug addicts. This phenomenon is linked with the hormone Dopamine which is responsible for motivation and pleasure and known as craving. Obese people are found to have less dopamine receptors and they eat more to induce that pleasurable feeling. The best solution is to introduce yourself to wide range of healthy eating options so that you can put off your cravings with a healthy alternative.

  1. Ear infection can increase weight

A study by University of Florida suggested that persons with ear infection have double the chances being overweight. It was found that former patients of ear infection have developed a liking towards sweet and fatty food. The most probable reason for such effect is that the ear infection can damage the nerve sending signals of sweetness detecting taste buds which result into an elevated threshold for detecting sweetness and fattiness. Everybody is prone to ear infection especially during childhood and if you had a severe ear infection then you should watch your food and look for healthier substitutes such as fruit over candy or olive oil over butter.

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  1. Use antioxidant to lose weight

You must have known the anti aging properties of antioxidants but these molecules also have fat reducing properties. Research shows that oxidizing molecules can damage the cells which sense the feeling of fullness. These molecules generate when we eat something and especially when we gorge on junk food like chips, candy bars and other carbs. To avoid such situation, one should replace the junk food on your plate with antioxidant rich fruits.

  1. Fat and fit

If you have large frame and a moderate size belly then it doesn’t mean that you are obese. Studies have shown that size doesn’t matter when it comes to being fit. It was shown that 51 percent of overweight and 32 percent of the obese has normal body stats like cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure etc.


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