6 Best ways to Prevent Hair from Knotting

6 Best ways to Prevent Hair from Knotting

You always dreamt of long and glossy hair but when you think about the knots or tangles then your beautiful dream can turn into a nightmare. If you really want to get glossy locks without any tangles then you should keep some points in mind.

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1. Use conditioner

Try to use conditioner twice after hair wash. Apply the conditioner on the ends and then move towards the scalp. Let it stay for five minutes duration and then rinse it with cold water. Apply the conditioner for the second time from the bottom half of the hair towards the ends. The hair ends get damaged while styling with heat products and need a lot of repairing. Therefore, by using conditioner you can prevent hair from knotting.

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2. Use the right type of brush

Brushing is the conventional way of detangling the tangled stresses but if you will use the wrong type of brush then it can cause more damage to your hair. Try to use wide toothed comb to tackle the tangling of hair. Besides that, make a habit of combing the hair before going to bed and after getting up. This will lessen the knotting of hair.

3. Use chemical based hair products

Chemical based hair products are responsible for damage of hairs and therefore one should avoid such hair products. More damage means more tangling of hair therefore one should select the styling products wisely.

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4. Use a good detangler

A good detangler is very important for clearing the knots of hair. There are many detangling products in the market but finding a good product is a bit difficult task. Try to get a compact bottle of the detangler so that you can carry it everywhere as a quick fix when you need it most.

5. Minimize the hair dyeing and bleaching

Some people try to experiment with their hair color and therefore go for hair dying. Hair dye makes your hair drier which results into frequent tangling of hair. That is why try to minimize the use of hair dye to avoid the knotting of hair. Try to use 100 percent natural colors without any ammonia to dye your hair.

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6. Apply a hair mask

Dry hair tends to form tangles therefore conditioning of hair is very important. There are many natural hair masks available in the market and you can also make it at home. There are many natural methods of preparing hair mask with simple ingredients found in your kitchen shelf. Try to use a hair mask once a week on regular basis to get positive results.

These are few things which you should keep in mind in order to get healthy and shiny hair. External care is important but internal care is more essential because your hair is more likely to project the health status of your body’s internal environment. Therefore you should eat healthy and exercise regularly so that your metabolism works well and provides nourishment to the body efficiently. This will make your skin and hair look healthy.

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Besides proper food and living practices, protection of hair is also necessary. Try to use scarves or caps to protect the hair from direct exposure to sunlight. Avoid going outside during dust storm and wash your hair after getting caught into the rain. These simple hair care tips always keep your hair tangle free.

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