How to Treat Male Pattern Hair Loss

How to Treat Male Pattern Hair Loss

When a person goes bald, not just his hair goes down the drain, but also his confidence. Male pattern baldness is seen in almost 70% of men, which is really a big static. And, studies suggest that it has a direct impact on their self-esteem. Hair loss is also said to signal ageing, but in some men it starts early. This male baldness pattern may be deceiving, with also a bad genetic make-up to blame. There could be many more reasons which trigger male baldness. It may also be due to an inherited sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which is a by-product of testosterone. It can lead to finer hair, receding hair line and finally baldness. However, there is always a hope for these people steadily heading towards baldness.

Male Pattern Baldness Chart
Male Pattern Baldness Chart

If you are one of the millions men battling baldness, your effort should start from finding the cause. Medical experts can often diagnose baldness by visual inspection. In male baldness, the hair remains only on the sides and middle top of head, and the bare area roughly draws M. If there is some deviation, for instance if the thinning spreads across the scalp but not to crown and temple then there may be some underlying health issue. Hormonal and nutritional deficiencies, low iron, low protein and some medication may be the reason behind this hair loss. If you identify the exact cause, treatment of hair loss becomes a lot easier.

Believe science for a solution

Visiting an expert can offer you some help. They help you understand the underlying causes and so plan a treatment based on your condition. You may also be prescribed some pills if possible which can be effective for your condition. These pills or drugs work by binding to enzyme that increases the level of DHT in your body. However, the problem begins as soon as you stop taking them.

If you plan to follow these medications, never do so without consulting a health expert.

Specialized foams and lotions

Drugs work by inhibiting enzymes responsible for hair loss, and sometimes also stimulate hair growth. There are some specialized foams and lotions which also do the same. Minoxidil is a foam/lotion available in the market that can be applied directly on your scalp. Though it is approved by FDA but its use may also have some side-effects. Hence, medical advice is suggested.

Home / natural remedies

Some natural products also help prevent and treat male pattern baldness and stimulate hair growth. There are many products in your home that you can use as remedy to baldness. [Natural remedies for hair loss]

Massage with egg oil or coconut oil

Egg oil or eyova and coconut oil are extremely helpful for hair. Use the purest form of oil and apply them directly onto your scalp. Massage slowly with your finger tips. Do not caress or rub against the roots, instead make little circles and gently massage every section of the scalp. It shields the hair and provides nutrients for hair growth.

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Keep the pH of your hair balanced

It is believed that hair cells when kept in alkaline environment for longer seem to react to physical stimulation. Therefore, if you maintain the alkalinity of your scalp and hair then your hair can grow. This can be done by checking the chemical composition of the chair care products that you are using. If the genetic make-up is the real culprit then there may be some doubt on attaining re-growth by natural means. But still, there is some hope. By keeping the scalp healthy, its environment regulated and stimulating key areas with special massage techniques as described above, you can slow the hair loss and fight baldness.

Believe natural products

Use organic shampoos and natural hair products. Hair loss basically occurs with ageing as it is the tendency of the body to start deteriorating as the time passes. But it is also true that the products that you are using for cleansing or styling your hair can exacerbate the problem. In order to keep your hair healthy and prevent loss, the treatment should begin much before you start experiencing any signs of damage. Use natural products and keep the chemical laden shampoos at bay. All natural mild shampoo and conditioner is the best solution. Also, use good herbal hair oils and get a head massage daily or at least twice a week to promote blood circulation in the scalp and prevent baldness.

Your diet

During all these treatment procedures, not to skip is the hair-loss power foods that strengthen your hair from within. Vitamin A is highly important to promote hair growth and maintain the health of hair follicles. Including more of red, yellow and orange foods in your diet is good for your hair as well as your overall health. Eggs, liver and fish oil, dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, fortified milk, and dairy products are good to keep your hair strong and prevent baldness.

Drinking lots of fluid or pure water is also advisable in order to keep your hair healthy. To keep your hair growing and healthy, you should drink at least 3 litres of water a day. Avoiding tea and other caffeinated drink is also good for hair growth and health.

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Surgical procedure – Hair transplant can be the solution

Albeit costly, but hair transplant is the most effective solution for male pattern baldness. During this procedure, tiny patches of hair are removed from an area of healthy growth and then transplanted on to the area with baldness in several surgical sessions. The surgical method may seem a little disheartening, but the results will give you a lot happiness and satisfaction. It is an effective and permanent solution to male pattern baldness. If you want to take this option as the treatment for hair loss, you must first visit your doctor and talk to him if this is a feasible solution for you.

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Baldness is a serious condition with less possibilities of treatment. In this case, prevention is better than cure and hence, your hair care regime should include more of preventative methods.

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