The Best Elliptical Machines of 2015 – Review

The Best Elliptical Machines of 2015 – Review

People are going crazy after Elliptical machine because it is a great alternate to treadmill and outside running. Now, you don’t have to think about the bad weather or even about your limited movements (in case you are injured) as you can do your exercise in your comfort zone and at your own pace without stressing yourself too much. But how will you decide which elliptical machine is best for you. Here are some popular models of this amazing equipment which are trending in year 2015 for their multiple features. But before that it is better if you familiarize yourself about this next addition to your workout regime list.

What Is An Elliptical Machine?

It is fitness equipment which provides a full body workout by simulating the outdoor exercises such as walking, jogging, running, skiing, and stair climbing without causing unwanted stress on the joints and thus prevents any impact related injury.

There are mainly three types of elliptical trainer which are:

  1. Elliptical trainer

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This type of model is used only for the lower body muscles such as glutes, quads and hamstrings. It has a stable handle bar which helps you to pedal in a circulation motion.

  1. Elliptical glider

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This machine also focuses on the lower body but its pedals moves in upward and downward direction instead of circular motion as in elliptical trainer.

  1. Elliptical cross trainer

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This equipment takes care of upper as well as lower body because it has movable handles which helps in working out on the upper body as well. You can pedal while moving your hands simultaneously so it affects the major muscle groups of upper back, shoulders, chest, elbow, legs, knee, hip extension etc.

What Are The Parameters Of Selecting Best Equipment?

Before discussing about the list of best elliptical machines of 2015, we will discuss about what are the considerations which makes elliptical equipment the best.


It is not wise to judge a book from its cover but some people use this way only means the design and look of the product matters a lot. There are main points which should be present in the design

  • Weight bearing ability– The design of machine should provide maximum stability under any amount of weight as it may be used by people who are on heavier sides.
  • Stride length – The stride length should be adjustable so that person of any height such as 5 feet or 6 feet tall can easily use it according to your height.
  • Resistance levels and types of resistance – more number of resistance levels in the machine means it offers more challenging workout. There are two types of resistances which are fan wheel and magnetic resistances. Fan wheel resistance gives a smooth ride but it produces little noise and used in low cost elliptical machines while magnetic resistances offers a quiet, consistent and natural workout.
  • Incline adjustments – Easy to power incline settings are preferred over the manual settings. You can increase the intensity of your workout by modifying the incline adjustments.
  • Foot pedals – Adjustable foot pedals are helps in enacting a natural stride movement and prevents injury. Besides this feature, there should be enough space to accommodate any foot size. Two degrees inward slope on the equipment reduces stress on your knees and ankles.
  • Easy to use – A product is called well designed when it has easy to use functionality. If your machine is loaded with various features but you cannot understand their operation then you will get confused or even afraid of trying it out due to fear of damaging it.
  • Built in accessories – some machines has additional features such as water bottle holders, cooling fans, speakers and MP3 player jacks, book or tablet holders and provide connectivity to wireless network service. These features relieve you from boredom and help you to continue with your exercise without worrying about looking for simple requirements like water or attending calls.


The advanced models offers a monitoring feature in the machines which displays your real time body stats like distance covered, calories burnt, workout span and heart rate. You can also connect this feature to online apps to store your progress in your online fitness journal. You can customize your workouts and even set targets. Some of the model comes with preset workouts which range from 20 – 30 presets which helps you in achieving your fitness goal.

Warranty and maintenance

The model should have warranty for longer duration since it is a substantial investment and maintenance is also required over a period of time for its proper functioning.

Best Elliptical Machines Of 2015

Till now you have a fair idea of elliptical machine, its variants, mechanism and other related stuff. Now we will discuss about the best models of this machine which have the various features including the above mentioned ones and many others.

Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine

The Best Elliptical Machines of 2015 - Review 7The Best Elliptical Machines of 2015 - Review 8
It is the costly elliptical trainer in the market, but it worth its price because of its features in terms of performance, stability and comfort. It offers a smooth and quiet drive system which consists of 31 pounds flywheel to enhance the fluidity in the movements.

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Octane Fitness Q35c Elliptical Cross Trainer

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This is the next expensive elliptical trainer which targets specific zones of your body and its ergonomic body mapping drive system reduces the stress on your joints in forward and backward movements. The drawback is found in its assembly as it is difficult to assemble.

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AFG 3.1 AE Elliptical

The Best Elliptical Machines of 2015 - Review 11The Best Elliptical Machines of 2015 - Review 12

A solid mid tier elliptical trainer which also has a six star certified frame. It utilizes the biochemical aspects of dynamic exercises such as walking and running. It also offers a wide range of resistance and incline levels. The drawback is found in foot rests which don’t have the gel cushioning like its other counterparts.

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Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer

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This machine offers an 18 inches flat ellipse footpath that is suitable for all types of workouts and simulates the natural movements of outdoor activities like walking, jogging and running. It reduces stress on joints and comes with 10 preset workouts which help you in customizing your workout regime. Noise and ticking sounds has been reported by the users during striding in downward direction.

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Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

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This machine offers various features, 29 presets workouts and 21 resistance levels in an affordable price. It has two integrated levelers, center frame support and over-sized cross bar tubing as main features. Exercise space is very close to the upright panel which poses uncomfortable sensation for some users.

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