Ways to Lose Weight this Holiday Season

Ways to Lose Weight this Holiday Season

There are many ways to lose weight this holiday season. The most important method is to limit the amount of food that enters your mouth. However, with the many temptations which greet you as you enter every door while visiting your many friends; this is the hard way to lose weight.

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Let us then consider some other ways. In the Caribbean, there are many juices which we use to lose weight. We tend to mix large gallons of juices and share with family and friends. My brother like to make tomato and cabbage juices which he drinks along with his eldest son and his wife. All three of them substitute these juices for carbonated drinks. There are no longer Coca-Cola drinks around for the holidays. We all like the way they look. In addition to the juices, he and his family eat large amounts of protein from meat and small amounts of carbohydrates like rice and potatoes.

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On the other hand, my aunt has always preferred healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss and this was proven as her weight was never more than 130 pounds at any time after she started doing smoothies. She bought smoothie machines for one glass at a time; she bought smoothie machines for six glasses which can be stored until ready for consummation and the very large size for a family to use at one sitting of a meal. This has always encouraged the overweight members of the family who cannot resist food prepared by their elders.

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These are some of the recipes that my dear aunt used to keep her figure and which can be used this holiday season:

  • A slice of Papaya with a few cubes of ice and push the start button. Enjoy.
  • A banana with a few cubes of ice and push the start button. Enjoy.
  • A slice of watermelon with a few cubes of ice and push the start button. Enjoy.
  • A slice of cantaloupe with a few cubes of ice and push the start button. Enjoy.
  • A half of a large beet, two stalks of celery, a carrot, two green apples, and a cucumber; push the start button. This serves the entire family. Enjoy.

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A large Aloe Vera leaf skinned to the gel, 2 carrots, and 2 green apples; push the start button. Enjoy. Taking a long walk after eating a heavy meal is also a method of losing weight this holiday. Most of us like to go to sleep right after eating a meal. This is very poor for digestion. The long walk will get the digestive juices to break down the food and assist in proper digestion. This has also been known to help elders with chronic diseases like cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes.
Finally, drinking a large glass of water before each meal will prevent a person from eating too much in one meal. The water will create a full feeling and the person will eat less. Drinking more than you eat allows one to sweat away from the extra weight rather than keeping it to make you unhealthy.

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