Stop Tripping Yourself on Your Weight Loss Journey

Stop Tripping Yourself on Your Weight Loss Journey

You have started your weight loss mission and you have considered all the prerequisites like consulting a professional, finding patterns in your diet with the help of a food journal, researched, well enough about the exercises, set small goals for you and on top of that you have all the emotional support and motivation but you still have that feeling that you will trip over this weight loss quest. Let us know about the things which can pull you back from this weight loss journey.

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Old habits

If you have made lots of unhealthy habits like watching the television while eating, slouching on your couch after work, chatting or surfing on your Smartphone till your eyes give up and shut themselves involuntarily and many more then you are more likely to be distracted by them. Although, you are aware of your bad habits, but it would be very difficult for you to avoid them because habit is a routine followed by our body unconsciously. If you found out the conditions which has made you take up those habits, then it would be easy for you to avoid them. The best solution to avoid the old habits is replacing them with new healthy habits. Well, it will take time, but after a few months you will find that your body has accustomed itself to the new ones.

Social effect

As we all know human being is a social animal and you have to interact with other people at one or other point of time such as your family, colleagues, clients, friends, etc. Those who are close to you, will understand your dietary struggles and wouldn’t feel offended, if you turn down their offer of snacks or food and even the birthday cake but you do fear about those, who don’t know you. The fear of offending someone prevent you from saying ‘NO’ to those chicken wings, Chinese buffet or cookies offered by your colleagues or clients. But you have to learn to say NO and you will see that it won’t affect much and people really don’t give a damn about it. This is your psychological hurdle of becoming a social pariah which you must overcome.

Fat fear

Fat is a rich source of energy that is why our body stores fat when it get switched on the survival mode which sometimes becomes bad and result into obesity or weight gain. Fat is a micronutrient and required by the body in order to fulfill its energy requirements so please don’t treat it like a culprit. It is your faulty lifestyle or genetic configuration which has made your body to deposit fat around your belly. So, there is no need to fear fat and you can include the good ones in your diet. If you don’t do so, then you will be a little energy deprived.

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Emotional eating

You have experienced that when you feel low and you eat chocolate ice-cream, then it relaxes you and then you finish the whole basket with it. That situation in which some kind of food item soothes you during your emotional turmoil is known as ‘comfort eating’. It is proved that comfort eating does help in relaxing and distressing, but making it a habit can pose threat to your weight. You have to look at the key factor of this kind of habit and that is stress. Therefore, you have to find out the ways which can lower down your stress level which can be avoiding the cause of stress. It can be some person in your life, issues at your workplace etc and if it is big enough to avoid then you can try other approaches like meditation, morning walk, taking up some hobby, etc. You should be focused on your goal of removing the stress from your life if not the cause.

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Alternate your dietary and workout approaches

Sometimes, after practicing a common diet and exercise procedure, you started feeling that it has worked positively initially, but you don’t get much benefit in your current state. It can be because your body has adapted itself around those approaches and there is nothing left to gain from them. It is like when you finished a novel, then you lose interest in that. That is why if you do some diet and workout changes, then it would be welcomed by your body and you can have more benefits.

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Attaining hundred percent

If you are working very hard on your fitness and you don’t have any internal problem, then your body gladly responds to your efforts and you will lose oodles of weight, but after sometime you will find that your body is not losing weight like before. For example, suppose your weight is 300 lbs and you want to lose 120 lbs in a year, but you have succeeded in losing only 100 lbs and now your weight is stuck at 200 lbs. You desperately want to lose those 20 lbs then we will suggest you to look at the brighter part that is you have already lost a big amount of weight. Therefore, just keep on living the healthy lifestyle and don’t stress about the 20 lbs because you will eventually lose it. You will achieve it by your consistent efforts and not by giving up.

Afraid of embarrassment

If you are not going to the gym just because you think that people will make fun of you for being overweight or too fat. Then shake your head and ask yourself a simple question ‘Why gyms exist in our world?’, of course to make you fit and healthy. Think positively that you can get proper guidance on workout, you can gain friends with fitness experience and someone who has similar problem like you and you can gain motivation. If you still shy about going there, then you can hire a personal trainer, follow a workout plan, build a gym at home or take up some sport. Sitting idle and doing nothing is worse than embarrassment because you will lose those extra pounds if you overcome your fear, but doing nothing will only add pounds in your body.

Stop Comparing

If you think that after a month of strict diet and workout session why you have not lost weight just like your friend or less than that then it will affect you negatively. Don’t do diet hopping just because your friend or any other person has gotten good results from a certain diet. Every human body is different and respond differently to diet, exercise and other factors. So, stick to your diet and workout plan which will give you results if you put your honest efforts and faith in it.

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