Yoga for Beginners: Can You Do Yoga While Trying to Conceive

Yoga for Beginners: Can You Do Yoga While Trying to Conceive

Can yoga poses help you while trying to conceive? This is a major and prominent topic of discussion.

While you may think that conceiving is a simple process where sperm fertilizes your eggs, there is a lot more involved into trying to conceive. Things that also play a part in the game are to know the phase of ovulation and your best time to conceive. What yoga can do to increase your chances to conceive is to help your body open up, and get rid of stress.

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Studies show that some yoga poses can reduce stress, a factor which has direct effect on fertility. Experts also believe that practicing specific yoga poses can promote baby-making by stimulating blood flow to your organs taking part in reproduction, release muscle tension and stimulate hormone-producing glands.

Here are some poses that may help you and your partner on your way to parenthood:

Legs-on-the-wall pose

Legs on the wall pose

If you know the best way to manoeuvre the sperm to fallopian tubes, then this is the best thing you can do increase your likelihood of conceiving. Legs-on-the-wall pose not only provides a wonderful way to relax your hips and spine, but also makes good use of gravity to drive sperm toward their destination. You can continue with this pose for as long as it feels comfortable to you. Doing so would clear your mind and straighten your spine.

Lotus pose

Lotus Pose

When you practice this pose, you focus towards the present increases. This is a peaceful pose that allows you to draw in what you desire, relax in your thoughts and medicate on your goals. Regular practicing will make your body more calm, monitor your blood pressure and ground your thoughts helping you to achieve what you are thinking.

Wide angle pose

Wide Angle Pose

Some yoga asanas helps to open up your baby making areas, and wide angle pose is one of them. This asana stretches, opens and reinvigorates your leg areas, hips and pushes more blood to the lower regions. Wide angle pose is a refreshing way to signal your body to open up and accept that you are ready to conceive so prepare the body for the same.

Supported bridge pose

This supported bridge pose includes aligning your body into a bridge formation. So, your pelvic region opens up and expands thus increasing blood flow to these areas. In fact, this asana stimulates blood flow to the entire lower parts of the body.

Cobra pose

Cobra Posture

This is one of the best yoga poses when trying to conceive. Not only this asana opens up your chest area and lungs, but also promotes blood flow into your pelvic and reproductive organs. When practicing this pose, you should focus mainly on breathing and feel the stretching sensation as you exhale keeping away your stagnant anxieties.

Staff pose, foot and ankle warm-up

Staff Pose

Walking around in high heels can have adverse effect on your body. It can misalign the pelvic floor hindering the lymphatic system, which can reduce your chances of conceiving. Practicing this pose can help your body to alleviate these odd areas and prepare your body for conceiving.

Alternating knee to chest pose

Alternative Knee to Chest Pose

If you are a working woman, sitting at your desk for all day long can make tighten your hip flexors. Practicing this pose can soothe your body and let you reap the benefits of baby-making benefits by releasing tension and improving your alignment.

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Bridge pose

Bridge Pose Yoga

This pose is quite helpful in promoting resilient connections among pelvis, hips and lower back. Also, this pose is good for stimulating immune and endocrine system. So, practicing this pose regularly can offer you many baby-making benefits on your way to parenthood.

Mountain pose

Moutain Pose

This pose improves the blood circulation and aligns the pelvis. Same muscles that are used in walking, sitting and standing are used while practicing this pose. Thus this pose strengthens your core and prepares your body for conceiving.

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High lunge with side stretch

High lunge with side stretch

This pose helps in the baby-making process by opening up pelvis and hips. When practicing this pose, you should feel the stretch alongside the torso and hips, and in front of your pelvis and hip flexors. This also indicates that you are doing it correctly.

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Yogini squat

Yogini Squat
Yogini squat pose helps you to build a strong pelvic floor that is quite important when supporting a growing baby. A toned pelvic floor, as you achieve with this yoga pose, can also improve your libido and increase your chances of conceiving.

Corpse pose

Savasana or Corpse Pose

Stress and anxiety can be a huge obstacle on your way to parenthood. Practicing corpse pose can help you get rid of these odds and improve your chances of conceiving. This pose helps increase your fertility by relaxing and cooling down at the end of your yoga session.

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These are some of the poses that you may try while planning for parenthood. However, the benefits depend on how you practice and also on your particular physical circumstances. There have been some examples of women who conceived easily when practicing various yoga poses on regular and consistent basis. The asanas when done correctly can benefit and be supportive during and after pregnancy. You may not avail the benefits if you do it in strained or aggressive manner, in this case it may be ill-advice to continue practicing.

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